A Birthday Rewind

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I turn 27  today.Sounds like a very big number to me.But I love the journey, every bit of it. It seems like a  month  when I won the best student award at my high school. Seems just as if a week before, I graduated as an engineer.5 years of IT career and 3 years of married life all seems like yesterday.Days are not rolling by but flying away.If not for the number on my cake I feel I am still 10 at heart.But isn't age just a number?. 

My sister is 2 years younger to me.Her birthday falls on Dec 5. My parents used to celebrate our birthdays together.It was celebrated like a festival with our friends and close family.I so much miss her in my life.She suffered a cardiac problem from her birth and passed away 6 years before. Every year we celebrate her birthday at a blind school and wish she is happy and healthy in her next birth, where ever she is.The joy of buying birthday clothes together, both our names on the cake and the photos clicked as a treasured memory by my dad every year will be missed forever.

Every birthday, I enter this self-introspection mode asking what I did all through the year from my previous birthday.Success, friends, learning, mistakes, opportunities, goals come on the rush and wait for my approval, as if they had waited for this day.(P.S-This mode does happen quite regularly but birthday one is the master of all- come on I am turning old and I need to get hold of my life:))

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Here are 27 lessons I have listed out. Mostly I have been matured to think about them more seriously this year than ever before.

1) Listening to the inner GPS- Sounds like some spiritual slogan right.But this has been my catchy line of late. Respecting my instincts and listening to my inner voice.

2)Family first, the rest next - Needs no explanation. This year being a little bad to me proved once again that my parents and my family stands just there, not letting me feel weak in my knees.

3)Number of certificates don't matter- Over a period of time, I have realized ALL those people holding high degrees or more number of certificates are not intelligent.There is something called 'common sense'  and 'basic human behavior' which is an integral part of a person.

4)Explore every bit of the opportunity -I mean turning your back to opportunities and regretting for it later is not appreciated. I am proud to have explored the challenges that came my way.

5)Money is essential but not everything - Money doesn't speak but swears.I know. But, there are more important things in life that money cannot buy.

6)Health is wealth - Can't be stressed enough to me. Health first and everything else follows.

7)Every body is born special and gifted - Looking down upon others insulting others is a foolish and an inhuman act. 

8)Appreciations are not mandatory - Keeping expectations low.

9)Making peace with past - For this to happen, keep your today clean. Else, past is sure to haunt any day.

10)Dream high -  Because its free. I always hope  that if I fall from sky I should at least land on the clouds but never on ground.

11)Friends are extended family - Number of friends does not matter. They are the integral part of my life.Period.

12)Being practical - Theories are said nice and easy. Being practical about them matters a lot.

13)Knock down your fear- Bring it on. Face your fears straight up. You will either win the race or win the experience.Like a warm up to the next challenge :-P

14)Parenting my parents- I am more than happy to do this job. After a certain age parents become like kids of grown up children.I have learnt the importance and joy this job gives me.

15)Comfort over brand - Craze over the brands is a long ago story to me. I prefer to choose comfort over brand. I must be happy in what ever I wear.

16)Foodie by choice - I have indulged in a lot of food experiments and learnt a lot about food.  Not just the taste but  also with respect to health.

17) Creativity is the key- Cannot deny this. The more you want to be creative the more it will surprise you.

18)Communication is not talking alone - Listening and understanding what is a spoken is important. This is a recent and most valued lesson this year.Thanks to all my odd times.

19)Don't wait to celebrating any moment - If we continue to wait to celebrate life, I have seen it never came. 

20)To let go and to let be- Holding to things which don't deserve to be loved or respected is of no use.So, just let it go.Some things can never be changed, so let it be.Accept it as it comes along.

21)Being Judgmental- Doesn't help a wee-bit and hampers our personality.

22)My man my world- This is supposed to be on the top of the list because he makes me feel on top of the world every single day. He is the best thing happened to me in my life.*blush*.

23)Dogs are our best friends- I am a dog-hater turned dog-lover. Snoopy did all the magic.

24)Give it some time- any problem be it major or minor we just need to allow some time for it to settle down.Barging in and getting frustrated are futile efforts.

25)Death does not take a person away, entirely - having born in a family of around 200 and odd people, missing a member every few years has taken a mental toll. I could not take it when my own sister and my best friend were consumed by death. I was worried , sad all the time and cried every single night. I discovered a new way to live with them, be with them.Memories.They help me heal.

26)Helping others- healthy habit for mind and body.Do it as frequently as you can.

27)Self love- saved the best for the last. Love yourself.More than anybody actually. Be comfortable with your body and your thoughts. If we could follow 1% of what we advice to others we can live happily.

Until next birthday rewind,

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  1. Nice learning... Time does not wait for anybody.Keep learning n enjoy ur mistakes.
    To learn from mistakes, make mistakes.

  2. Happy Birthday Rashmi! Wonderful list of life lessons that you've put up :-) I do introspect a lot too and I believe that it is a good thing to keep reflecting on our lives every now and then...great way to be happy about the good things and equally good to learn from the mistakes that we've made!

  3. Thanks for sharing 27 wonderful learnings ..

    Wish you a very happy birthday and sorry to hear about your sister..I'm sure she will be happier and healthier in her next life...

  4. My mantra this year is health is wealth :) And I thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful learnings :) I wrote a similar post this birthday- 29 'life is too shot' lessons at 29 " :P

  5. Happy birthday! :) It is such a wonderful idea to share the lessons that you have learned in the past year on your birthday. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. 27 great lessons here! Happy Birthday Rashmi! :)

  7. Nice list Rashmi! Especially, Self love :-)

  8. Belated Happy Birthday Rashmi. Old is only one's perspective. Believe me when I say that life just gets better as you age. Enjoy every moment.


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