Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Creative mess in my mind !

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Creativity is intelligence having fun- Albert Einstein
Creativity sets one free. Creativity is not invention, its a discovery. It's all around us, within us. It's an spice of life to blend with anything around us to make things interesting.In the eyes of creativity the whole perspective of the thought changes,magically. Creativity is a hidden element in everything strewn around us. It is not restricted to art forms. Not just limited to writing, dance, painting or even marketing. It's in everything. Everywhere.

My dad is always proud of me being creative. Over a evening tea in our balcony ( tea- time, the best time with family!) he reminisces and teases me how I went on and on weaving instant stories and required a reminder to put an end some point. I can imagine how much a chatter box I was.

My much celebrated brother is 7 years younger to me. When he was around 5 years (always little in my eyes though :) ) I enjoyed feeding him. I told him bizarre stories that connected a king, a goon, a tiger, a snake and what not. Yes, my stories  had many characters and I had a thing to say about of them - pun intended .I didn’t stop until he finished the food. I recall how my mother laughed inside her and was proud of me for taking some responsibility in the family even as a kid and the love we shared mutually as siblings. Even today we laugh at those moments and relive them.
As a child, I went to classical dance classes even   before I enrolled to school. I had an element of interest for dance and painting. Writing was also in the list. At a school level, it was limited to essays when it came to words and writing.Pick and speak or debate were the options when  it came to speaking to the crowd. Poetry was probably a high school thingie.
A sense of pride strikes when I take a parade on my memory lane to recall how my School principal had faith in me and nominated me for every inter-school competition, especially essays and debates. Actually, anything related to being creative .In those days, deciding our dance costumes and respective accessories without digging out too much into our parents pockets, coming up with points to debate for a topic and narrating them in my style were nothing but being creative .
Since I loved dancing from a very young age, i had participated and emerged as a winner in a huge number of contests. choreographing my own moves to the film songs unlike imitating the same ,showed creative-me to the small world I dwelt in.
Today, as I call myself a big girl my creativity have taken various other forms . At work, it spans from being able to multitask, to solving issues in my own style or probably a creative reason to request for a leave (Yes, that's quite a thing to convince). At home, it involves manipulating recipes in my style with the ingredients available at my reach without compromise on the  yummy taste, planning my house interiors, my painting strokes in the wall of our living room, organizing my things in a way I like to in my closet, and much more have always enjoyed my creative touch.
Creativity just like happiness comes in small packets too. Day in and day out we come across them . Mostly in simplest forms. All they need is a little bit of notice.
  • The fruits arranged in the cart by the fruit seller on the roadside.
  • Presentation of the food in a restaurant ( Food!! my senses soothe and my mouth water as i hear the word:P)
  • A saree print on a silk sareethat my mother could not resist buying .
  • Remake of a old joke or SMS in one's own words to suit the scene or a situation
  • A Love letter .Quite a lot of creativity when it comes Love you see * wink*!.
  • Arranging the right flowers, matching the right combination of colours in a bouquet.
  • A kids tooth brush design with the trending cartoon characters

As I passed by a graveyard, I laughed my lungs out when the epitaph in the tombstones had some of the funny lines ever . I might have looked ridiculous and mean doing that but you tell me after you read them .
Here are some :
" The definite guide to underground humour "
" she finally shut up"
" Jokes over. Let me reset connection by peer "
" He was a good father, perfect husband but a bad electrician"
I mean death and humour. How creative!! . They probably made the right choice of healing their painful hearts with some laughter. That is what I call the essence of creativity .
OMG ! Before I forget the TV advertisements let me mention them. While I find most of them stupid and not even close to the commodity campaigned, some are really funny and creative and seal the message.

Few creative bits are here ( Image source:Google)

The list never ends :-P

While as much as creativity is appreciated it is banned at times . Not everytime we can adhere to the norms of the society you see. It might require us to cross some barriers and break some rules.But hurting other's sentiments and belief system can go to intolerable extents.Movies being the apt example for the above. To those , which kindles the sentiments misusing thier creative ideas, A big NO-NO.

I conquer to the fact creativity is powerful and contagious.A trait in all of us in one way or the other, pertaining to any aspect not in particular. Unless, discovered and  implemented. Otherwise, life is bland and mundane. Who would like it that way? None . Right?

So what are we waiting for? Pull up your sleeves, put your creative caps on and start adding spice to Life. To inspire oneself and others. In your own way .In your style. *wink**wink*!!

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