Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Greetings at the Sea

I hear my heart sing the 'tune of wave'
A little time at the bay is what i always crave
gushing and guzzling they come to me holding hand
To touch and muse me with thier magic wand

Shutting the doors of my world of craze
here i come to play and praise
chaos i escape, rid of all the tempt and trauma
I stand alone in my life, i call it  a wordly drama

silver moon smiles at me and signs 'Long time'
nodding i agree for reasons being lame
endless waters i watch off my neck
Here i swim with my heart and soul free and unstuck

Beach side i missed,the fact i donot shrug
chores i left undone,i dont deny a self-hug
lets raise to fall,dance and hop,plop in hurry
an empty mind, sea and soul, in solace i forget to worry


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