Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Homeless and hopeless

She stood alone in the rain under an umbrella that she carried . It was dark in the night and she was clueless where to go. When her body drentched in the waters outside, her soul swam in the tears inside. Her helpless eyes looked around to see if she found any familiar faces around but she failed in vain. At the age of 50, all she owned was a hat that was a memory of her dead husband, who loved the hat and wore with all pride when he went out,an umbrella which she bought from her meager savings to protect her child from rain and a bag . As she slid her hand into the bag that grew old with her, she found only medicines which had already given up to help her fight cancer.

She felt weak in her knees due to her age and more due to her devastated life. Her faded memories took over her emotions. Alone there, she stood and recalled how she had worked all her life to bring up her one and only son when he lost his father just after a year of coming to earth. He was the only reason for her happiness. She lived her dreams in him. She had done everything possible to make him smile. She ate the leftovers and most of the times drank only water when she made sure her child never missed a meal. She didnot deny him of education. She celebrated him. Loved him immensely. And stood by him with all her might as a single parent,a lady power. She disconnected with her own family when she was forced time and again to marry for the second time.Afterall, they had felt  that she should not remain alone at the age of 20 for the rest of her life. As she held her kid in her both the hands close to her chest she found a reason to live.Live for him.

She had named her only reason to live as ‘Surya’ hoping that he would shine in prosperity and be the light to other lives.The light to eliminate darkness. But, he had left his own mother in darkness. Homeless and hopeless.

Story weaved for Magie Tales:Mag 27

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