Sunday, May 31, 2015


Amma, I am feeling under weather , I have sudden craving for veggie pepper soup you make for me.I miss that ma”. I said on phone ,meaning every word coated with love I shared with my mom.

Darling that is super quick and easy . I will help you with the recipe .why don't you make it as I guide you on phone. It should not take more than 20 mins “a concerned voice of my mom , a song to my ears.

Elated with the idea I jumped out of my couch like a popcorn out of micro oven . In few strides I was in front of  my favorite black refrigerator to check if It contained ingredients to go into the soup. Tell me I rushed in with curiosity.

Cabbage, carrots, beans, some green peas , garlic.. She went on. I mentally made a check mark after   the dictation over phone. 

In low voice, I heard something I hate the most on earth. The sight of it the taste of it. Anything related to it and it's colour. The Eggplant. My jaw dropped a mile.

You heard it right that's what made your soup yummy all these years”  Mom smirked.

She had just then  revealing her much kept secret recipe to her heiress of food over years. After all a mother like any would want her daughter to be  hale and healthy and would make sure every veggie made way into my tummy for the essential nutrients they contained.I had eaten the soup a million times with all my heart and without knowing what went into it.

 I chose  to eliminate eggplant in my soup that day and followed my mothers instructions to treat my sour throat . Creativity in cooking is what I recalled when I chose to write this post.

She had  creativity in everything she did. She learnt it in her way . With all interest. Interest is what provokes the process of creativity . Her quench for learning never seems to be satiable. She doesn't forget to check the recipe of the dishes she will get to taste in her friend’s house. With a titch of  creativity to their recipe she comes up with better food at our desk . All she wants is her family enjoying a healthy plate of food. It sure is a treat to our taste buds you see. 

Her creativity span from decorating the house to designing her own jewels. Her husband being a goldsmith, a privilege she had was worth a take. Organising the things at home? Talk about it. Everything at home had fixed places just like the we have door number and house address. Disorder caused irritation to her . She called the practice disciple of our living place. We respected it and followed .

She was a like an ayurvedic doctor of the family . No she didn’t study any medicine. That came to her from experience and constant learning. She knew what to mix with tulsi with exact amount to cure dry cough . She knew what worked best for pimple on face or to remove tan .Her expertise in home remedy for what ever ailments was a family treasure. Health was better than wealth when it came to her. She learnt to be creative in her own way irrespective of her age she never fell short in her interest. 

Today as I am a woman of a family of two, me and my husband I am proud to have inherited her traits and I am appreciated for using my tools of creativity in cooking, managing my finances, organising things at home and making home a peaceful and severe place to dwell in . Not a house but a t home. It takes a lot to call it so. Both physical and emotional elements involved.

 I am proud her. She is my angel and my inspiration. As we sip our evening tea, we discuss our new creativity projects at home, complement each other mutually and soak in our family pride. She is the approver of the designs I chose for dress or jewels. I loved her choice. I rejoiced her involvement in shopping my stuff. We learn to be creative. Admiring each other’s idea. What a moment :) 

As I finish this post I have an urge to go hug my lady power with all my gratitude for sowing a  seed in my mind and inspiring me to learn-to-be-creative. * wink* !!



  1. What an amazing mother to have as your guiding star. I'm glad you emulate her. Mothers are so precious.

  2. Hi Francene. Thanks for dropping by:)
    Yes. Nothing can br more precious than mothers.

  3. A delightful read. Mother is always caring & loving towards her kids :)


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