Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Silent feelings

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When I open my eyes for a new day,
I see you next to me wishing me 'Good Morning'.

When I stand in front of a mirror to dress  hair,
I feel your hands moving through my  curls.

When I walk alone in my way,
I see your footprints on the shore next to mine.

When I listen to my favourite song,
I hear you humming the tune in my ears.

When I dine alone at the table ,
I feel your tender hands feeding me with Love.

When I sit in solitude engulfed in grief,
I find your comforting hands around my waist.

When I helplessly reduce to  tear in a corner,
I chose to talk to you and relive the days we spent together

When I slide into my bed in my dark room,
I drop in your arms to feel your breathe on my forehead.

I still cannot accept  that you are no more with me, 
But I live with you every single moment.

I feel your  presence everywhere in silence,  
My lips of heart never stop saying 'I Love you'.


  1. WOW super Rashmi. I hope its not the Courage and confidence that is no more :)
    Good one.


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