Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nature by my side

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On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.

Nature is the biggest gift to mankind. To me, spending time in nature is a  worship. Proximity to Godliness. Nature is a true teacher which lets us learn our own lessons,in silence. In our way. A process of intriguing a self portrait.It teaches us a million things.It shows us to live in harmony,reminds us that life is not always going to fall into place seamlessly.Nature symbolises Peace,it leaves us pondering  that life is fleeting and best for the last teaches that chaos is a part of life and time and patience can heal the most of it,by itself.A feeling that no one  is alone in the universe.
I don’t believe in pleasures that are temporary and those which can convince my mind and not touch my heart. I am firm believer that joy comes from things beyond man-made, and to me, the bundle of joy is experiencing ‘Myself’ and the being inside me. I don’t have expensive indulgences where I feel a sense of achievement owning  a iphone, the costliest car ,a lunch at the most expensive restaurants or pride in buying the most fashionable branded dress. I believe life is more about being simple and realistic. Packets of joy found in little things. Around us,within us.
I knew one thing best about what makes me happy.The time I could spend wandering miles,exploring places,the learnings that I could take away from a trip,a bunch of memories no matter sweet or harsh are always etched in my dairy and my camera ,more than anything in my heart.
I always get chatty with my husband,yes my best travel companion about how travel helps a person evolve in his/her thoughts for hours and days.When we need a break or go crazy or for no reason(most probable reason:P) we just pack our bags with a pair of clothes,a first aid kit,and few snacks (my friends know it better that my bag is never void of snacks),load our bike with fuel and luggage,grab our wallets,set off the house to quench our wanderlust.There are times when we have made plans on the way after we set off,altered a bit and changed our routes and then decided our destination.Yes this happens with crazy people like we both,but all for good .
We have tried our strength from a  sturdy treks to water rides to rollercoaster rides to climbing mango trees .We have enjoyed playing in beaches like the typical sea bums to skiing and skating on snow ,we have waited hours with patience to capture sunsets in our camera to lazing by lake side doing nothing.Be it indulgence in elaborate cooking on woodfire under a tree or a river raft or a walk in a paddy field,or a rain dance or a road trip or a power nap on the fresh grass,we have done them like there is no tomorrow.
“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta
And …..this what I have become I believe:P

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