Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Roaring wheels in Rain- Roar 1

"Are you serious?"

I asked him for the tenth time.

Yes, I am.

"Will you please stop beating around the bush and get ready? "His voice stubborn this time.

He scurried out of  the bedroom adjusting his glasses.Karthik grabbed his wallet and his fingers ran over all the cards  and cash it contained, pulled the bike keys from his pocket. As he went on to check the rain outside, I re-checked our travel backpack again to make sure I had packed some extra clothes and rain jackets a must.Our phones and camera   battery were charged fully and  would easily survive till the day’s evening.

An SMS slipped from my phone that read : 
                                                    "Hey Gani.
                                                   Leaving now. Will likely reach Madikeri   by  6 PM                                                                                        probably.
                                                      C ya soon!"

      At 6:00 am, On 1st of November, 2012, when the whole state celebrate Kannada Rajyotsava ,with 3 layers of warm clothes followed by a rain jacket, our feet sand witched between a pair of socks ,followed by the  thick rain boots, leather gloves and a huge round  helmet making room for our heads, we looked no less than astronauts. I sure knew one thing , We looked gigantic.

The pecks of rain pour from heaven to us , the world looked calm and the emanating fragrance of soil was sensitising.The clouds hugged each other under a dark blanket. The chill in the breeze hypnotized us, washing off our faces saying sweet nothing and leaving a smile behind.

Soaking in rain we set off our road trip on Thunder bird .In Rain.

    Karthik drove at a slow steady speed and did not hurry as the roads were already slippery. We wanted a calm drive not a race. As it was a state holiday, we started early in the morning to escape the Bangalore’s tragic traffic.Glad, We acheived it. In no time, we reached the Mysore road and it was time for a tea break.


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  1. Good start, hope its a short tea break.

  2. I'm glad you moved to blogspot! :)

    Simpler, aint't it?

    1. Yes soumya . Easier and better . Thanks a lot !:)


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