Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Jadugar ,The Sun and his Magic.

Strange as it seems i begin the blog with a questions that are not unfamiliar to us. How many times do we feel trapped in the maze called Life? what's the probability number we come with to quote the lame reasons for not finding time midst our busy lives?Have we got so busy in life to deny the magic happening around us?
I am no exception here. But this is what i did when i
found  made time to witness the magic of sun and chose to call him a 'Jadugar' ,felt apt to suit my imagination.
The magic begins at the dawn promptly everyday by the 'Master of light' and the only visible God. .His rays of hope passing the various layers of  voidness before filtering through the green leaves ,penetrating my window glass ,warming my cheek gently and softly. The first person to greet me through this warmth ,wishing me a bright ‘Good Morning’.
I have always fancied watching the shades of sun during his rise and fall. I have climbed hills and waited for him to shine upon us and captured a few magical moments. He peeks in sneakily first and rather steadily later behind the hills,mustering all his courage, glowing brighter each moment ,opening his pink feathers like a flamingo , with all  his might and  attitude throwing the most intense smile to the world. All done in his own style and grace. A burning ball of fire ,with a shower of rays stands above us with a stern pose.
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Having rejoiced his rise ,I am no less  amazed at the way he sinks in the same way at dusk tirelessly with the same confidence, keeping us hypnotised and bedazzled at him. The best time for me is to wait for the sunset near the sea. The time when I can get lost and mesmerized. The time when I can taste a visual treat .All in silence , hypnotized. Standing at the sea shore with my camera to capture his magical hues ,shades of his own ,being intense in the begining ,getting milder gradually, drowning in the cocoon of calmth,he vanishes in the veil of clouds with shy leaving behind a trail of hope and smearing the ripples of water golden,leaving a message to the world.
The message of hope ,the hope to rise.Again and Again.
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I have a thing to say about him...
You are glittering in your charm  
You are my sincere daily alarm
So kind you shine upon us
Another day to face the daily fuss.

You are so intense and strong
Waking me up with a soothing morning song
Lesson you teach me to Rise and fall in grace
Stunning you are, with changing hues you embrace

You are the God of light and life.
Empowering me to tackle my soul and strife
Impressed I lay daily at your radiance and might
I hear you whisper to me ‘wake up! Today is another chance to get it right”

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