Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A free woman

Photo by Toni Frissell

Snow and ice melted faster this year
finally a  season of sun is here
And I stand red near a sea shore soaking in sun
Watching the pristine blue water, calm and clear

I slid from mocking earth to embracing sea
Breaking through ice walls of ego and hatred
To soak in purity and solitude in my own world
One life to me,  living it with love ,meant to be sacred

I chose to swim on my back facing the vast sky
Ah, what a moment to drown in and mark it for lifetime
The clouds, the breeze ,the silence around hypnotising me
Along With nature,I shared a secret mime

I  tried my every stroke and waded in swirls
Letting the water storms to pass by my figure
I hear my heart sing a medley of tunes
Gods of nature,blessed with peace and vigor

I lie like a topping with creamy clouds above and bouncy cake below
Shallow waters glittered in the sunlight turning everything into gold
Soon I began to flow like water just like I did in my own life
Freedom from wordly cluthches, joy doubled a million fold

the scent of seaweeds soothes my senses
The crest of greens, the lofty hills I look off my neck
Just like my silver dress, I shone in solitude
 Fearless-me receiving from around, the dolphins  peck

Waves of relief surround me like my beloved ones
I urge to sieze the moment and revisit it time and again
I let go off all  the  odds,to embrace life as it is
Free from synic's crown, I swam like "A Free Woman".

Written for the picture prompt Magpie Tales:Mag 272


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