Monday, June 15, 2015

Calling.. from Hell

image by Sarolta Ban 

Nick was super excited to move to his new house. A house with a big garden and 

playground. Zara and  Paul were equally excited as their sibling Nick was. When their 

mom was busy dusting the house  and arranging the stuff in the living room, the exulted

 kids picked up their toys to start living their dream of playing in a spacious ground .Nick 

full of joy in his eyes went exploring the length and breadth of his new area to  play. 

At 6, he was barely more than a tiny guy. He found a telephone lopsided on the ground 

 partially submerged under soil, somber and bleak in its look. A couple of saplings grew 

from the holes of receiver.With his tender hands, he pulled the receiver and held it close

 to his ear . Strangely, Nick heard a voice. 

“Hello , my dear little one. Thanks for answering the call”.

“ Who is that”  his voice demanded answer .

“This is my place, you cannot stay here. Leave now, else I will kill all of you.” an husky voice echoed in his ears.

His heart skipped a beat .

In his little voice, Nick let out a grunt of protest

“No this is our place. Our dream place. I bought new toys to play with Paul and Zara. You go away” his innocent words came effortlesslywithout any rehearsal.

" I, the lady from hell want you to leave"  stern voice ranted as a reply.

“Nooo I won't ….” his timid voice, seething with anger inward.

Nick slashed the receiver,  broke into pieces and ran into his room and chose not tell this to anyone. 
“Are you alright Nick ?”, his mom asked during the dinner. 

“Yes mama, I am “  his lips forming a cute curve with out any blemish.

 "So how are you guys liking the new house?"  the man of the house asked his family.

A sense of genuine pride in his accomplishment of buying a own house showed in his electric eyes as he sat erect on the chair near the dining table.

The kids shared their joy and rants with their parents for the rest of the day.

After a sleepless night, Nick went early in the morning to the same place where he received a call from hell.  He carefully picked the broken receiver with his trembling hands placed it close to his ear.

He heard no voice.No calls from hell.Anymore.

Like a fairy tale , Nick along with his family lived happily, thereafter.


  1. Nick's courage to face the voice saved his family and his parents hard work.

    Brave Kid.

    Nice fiction Rashmi.

  2. Good for Nick :) And glad they lived happily ever after!

  3. Thank you for not making it a sad ending.. I like fairy tale endings :)

    1. fairy tale like this with small message, that can be shared to kids. I love them.

  4. Phew , they were avle to banish the Poltergeist !


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