Wednesday, June 24, 2015


photo by Bert Stern

They lay and laughed in the bed after the party was over. They were more than friends in life than  mere couples. 

His eyes popped  in surprise when she tossed a cigar packet in front of him. It was the first time she did it, and she knew that it will be the last time too. 

When his curious and her concerned eyes met, she winked as she said
"So here you go my man. Burn them all into smoke tonight, for one last time. And get out of your smoke rings by morning ".

Alex clearly knew Henna’s intensions. After all, his chain smoking had already begun to take severe toll on his lungs.

He laughed at himself looking at the cigar, a part of him sinking in shame for not being serious about his health.

“I am sorry, I know my family needs me” meaning every word he said.

“ Trust me. It’s not late yet, we can still fight it. Each day you will get better” she assured, gripping his hands in hers.

His love for henna and his kids had surpassed his addiction. 


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