Friday, June 19, 2015

Memory Blisters

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Far away from me, beyond the sky, stars and the clouds
To a world unknown and unseen
Away from family and the familiar crowds
Leaving me to suffer this solitude

Our dreams turning into ashes
Your promises of hope meaning nothing
People said my pain will heal as time passes
Along with you, my smiles and joy you carried away

We were two bodies and a single soul
Secrets of each we kept like a open book
Together we turned our lives purposeful
Pain and gain, I have none like you to share

Ditch this society, it's busy throwing blame
Fear not , you always said and  gave me power
In haste, you spoiled the whole game
Like a loser today, i stand empty and alone forever

Memories of you, how can I forget
Slaughtering my friendship, you chose to leave
Every night I cried rivers under my blanket
Oh! How much I miss you

We were called the soul sisters
Like a fool, you ended your life
On my heart, you left those painful memory blisters
Did you not know suicide is a crime?

Shadows we were for each other
Life is  meant to be lived, you broke the rule
Tearing trust , you left your beloved to  bother
I believed you were strong, cowardice was your other face.

I started hating the word friend
After you, none are so close to me
Remaining strong, is not  a easy way to pretend
In your memories, I just remain

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  1. It's hard to lose someone, and still find them through memories. It tests our strength for sure.

    1. It sure needs so much strength Vinay. Thanks for reading:)

  2. it's even harder when your so close and you don't know the reason for their decision.


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