Wednesday, June 10, 2015


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A million thanks crossed her heart to  fill the air that moment as she laid symmetric ,watching the void  under her, leaving the world behind, feeling alive again, pride coursing in her every vein  in awe, closer to rainbow and racing clouds.

 The vapors of fear were vanished and she spent her eternity in air after she grew her imaginary wings and had tasted every slice of freedom like there was no tomorrow.

"Ah, you have a lot of spunk you know that, I trust you and you can do it my love" words from her husband resonated in her ears which had cheered her and instilled her faded self-confidence in her down time in the name of a disorder.

Floating in air like an passionate bird, she blew kisses towards him, hoping they reach the guy who stood like a backbone for her life, as a friend, as a husband, as a companion in her journey, by her side always.

Fighting her Acrophobia with her soul and mind, punching with all might right in it's face, she had cultivated her soul  and took to air for a  skydive, her dream come true.

** Acrophobia**-extreme or irrational fear of heights

Written for Five Sentence Fiction :June 08,2015


  1. fiction of love? trust? confidence?.. very nice, u covered a lot of ground in 5 sentence like she did in 45 sec skydive.


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