Monday, June 15, 2015

#MondayMusing-Seasons change. Life remains.

It’s summer. Hot days are taking a toll on my skin in the form of tan. Sun has become the dangerous thing to imagine. Beating the heat every hour of the day is no fun. I am drinking gallons of water and lemonades and still feel a drain in my energy. Ice water all time and bathing twice daily are nearly inevitable.

 The community swimming pool close by, just opened a couple of days before to give me some relief to beat the heat.  I pulled out my swim suit from the closet, applied lots of sunscreen to avoid the chlorine peeling my skin due to allergy and jumped into the pool.

As it was Sunday, a lot of people along with their family had come. The pool was over crowded with people of all ages. While some chose to remain pool side and soak in sun, some indulged in showing their swim strokes to their friends in the pool. The ladies were busy unpacking their lunch boxes and giving it to their kids ,while the old men sat with their books to read in the shade of trees. 

The kids under five chose to play with their floating toys in shallow waters under 3 feet. The swimmers (includes me-not an expert) chose the deeper part of the pool for diving and setting bizarre races.

After a tiresome swim, our bellies grew butterflies-turned-rodents which went growling for some food. We quickly resort to a pizza shop nearby. As we went on hogging the pizza slices, we so much reminisced our winter days.

 Ahh what a depressing season it was!. When I came from India in November, my first winter in US greeted me. During the initial days of winter- I played in snow, made snow-woman (idea from a feminist in me :P), clicked pictures and enjoyed like there was no tomorrow. Soon, I was slightly snowphobic. Everything was snow and ice outside house, leaving us cold inside. Surviving the minus temperatures was intolerable. 

Worst of all, I felt locked up and had switched to depression mode. I am never a home body at India. Me and my husband are one of those travel freaks whose bums can never rest at home. We travel a lot. At least, roam around every time. But the weather here had blocked us totally. 

Since we did not have a car then, booking cabs was the only option. But that again refrained us from going out frequently due to biting cold. Snow boots, thick jackets, snow proof gloves, winter caps had taken my entire closet space. We sat in front of standalone heaters under blankets to get ourselves warm.

Food, books, movies and winter curses were the only source of entertainment for months. Doesn’t that sound depressing?. I had wished that days just rolled by and I longed for summer to come.

Today, I realise that the parching sun has proved me wrong. I have harboured a thought that winter was better. Laughing out loud, I remain neutral on my vote for summer or winter (considering the extremes).

“The grass looks greener on the other side of the lane. Always” I said myself.

One thing is for sure. Change is for good. In any season, we have our own ways to love life and appreciate every bit of it.

Time shall pass. Slow or fast.

Seasons change. I remain, Life remains. To Love and to be Loved.

P.S: I know I have not written about spring here. In this post I have chosen to operate only between the extremes, summer and winter. Will talk about beauty of spring some time later.


  1. Very philosophical, Rashmi and so true. We always seems to long for what we don't have! :)

  2. Thanks Corrine:) Yes, we so much do that though we are fully aware that changes are inevitable.

  3. I love the seasons, but I think I like fall and spring the best because of the sweet cool weather and colors. Leaves in the fall and flowers in the spring. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It's a lovely account of extreme conditions of summer and winter....Leaving aside extremes, I personally like summer...:)


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