Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Forest Fire. Revenge


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This fire you hold is the fastest in speed,
turning into ashes, joy of everyone indeed.

Constant attempts to pull others down,
hence you claim to enjoy the scroner's crown.

Afterall, it results in one's character depletion,
relationships, love and trust submitted to brutal errosion.

It settles deep in mind, turning one to a cheap cynic,
with time, it loots  and dumps  one's life beyond the state to panic.

Like the forest fire, misgivings start to prevail,
every cell of you harbouring anger and evil.

Mark this! deeds done for good are praised for ever,
try your  soul to let go, you shall know it's power.

Let mind be surfaced by good thoughts,
refrain from revenge, drive away all your odds.

Life is short, live it to the fullest,
sometimes we reap benefits once we grow earnest.

The act of  life is a never ending process.
remain human, though you stand  at it's twists and crosses.

Number of days we live doesnot count our life span, 
with unworthy and revengeful life, why hamper our daily plan?

Love. Give. Laugh

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  1. A kid is always threatened with competition around him by the society. Thus lighting the fire to win. sometimes the fire is so hard to control that it pretty much burns everything to be successful.


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