Thursday, June 11, 2015

~With You.*Always*

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Donot panic
by the mixed signals of society
like all, even we go through the same maze unsolved
called 'The Life'.

Life, how can i define it for you
is it a range of right and wrong
or is it, a spectrum of emotions
can it be a daily scene to act
wait! well, i cannot be precise
may be, may be not.

But i can only promise you
that i will be with you,
in what ever life throws at you
regardless of which ever phase it is
we walk together,

if you are drowning in pool of sorrow
 you will  be surfaced on the platform of my love
hence i come to rescue
in your complex riddles of life
my hand joins your's, to play and solve together

when the storms strike you
I shall stand as a hill, slowing them down
when you feel frozen,
my warmth can melt them off
when you utterly melt in hopelessness
I am here to mould and reshape your confidence

when your emotions cry in ecstacy
I add music to your dry voice
I wont let any ailment bother you
 promise to come as a cure, at any cost
dark clouds are not a bad sign
hold your heart, to see the rain pour
showers of smiles from the heavens

sometimes, life can look dull and dusky
calm down to see the next sunshine
Life seams thorny and pricky, at times
look beyond, a lovely rose smiles for you
Do you feel lost in dense woods
worry not , you are not alone.

Did you find yourself
in a bloody room , and do you hear
the lub-dub noise
oh, in my heart, you are safe and loved
how will i leave you  alone under the ground
look beside, i am sleeping next to you

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