Thursday, June 4, 2015

Yield - to the Heart

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'Do not touch him'.

A voice from behind with a stern statement geminated and echoed in the air.

Tara partially ignored her words and headed to offer help, bending her flimsy body like a

 bow towards a tatterdemalion man who slipped from the stairs and fell on the ground 

while he stood begging in front of their door.He looked famished with a fire in belly and 

his eyes suffered,hankering for some food.

'How can you not obey my words?'

 'you need some reprimanding!!'

  Tara's mother-in-law screamed in authority, her eyes wide open.

The man in rags looked malnourished with his chest sticking to his spine.He looked 

diseased while his loose skin fell in folds more due to his age, middling with life and 

death.Gratitude filled his pale eyes as she placed some bread, fruit and water in his 

weak and trembling hands.

The hidebound neighbours watched the scene without offering any help. An ear-to-ear 

gossip began as Tara made her way into the house,ignoring the surrounding. After all, 

they chose to remain as quidnuncs all their lives and awaited some entertainment in 

every possible cheap term.

Over-hearing the words of disrespect from the people around ,Tara's gainsayer, her 

mother-in-law fumed in anger and scurried following Tara.

In a  small village, where untouchability was over practised, Tara chose to be a person 

with a substance of compassion.She yielded to her heart when it  believed that human 

values and quality of life eternizes the world. In mind, for superstition and wierd

beliefs,she did not subscribe.

P.S: I have used all the 7 words listed in the theme to the best of my ability and have weaved a message conveying story around them.
  • gainsay
  • geminate
  • hidebound
  • quidnunc
  • eternize
  • tatterdemalion
  • middling
Also want to tell you that..

Its always fun to expand my word library. I love picking them up and dropping them in my vocab basket while i understand what they exactly mean.

This is my way of learning new words and their meanings.

  • I have installed a app on my iphone that greets every single day with a new word. Best part of this app is a  sample sentence under it after the meaning of the word is conveyed.This makes it easier for me to use it while i write or communicate.
  • I do maintain a small dairy to make a note of new words as and when i come across them while i read.Oflate, sticky notes on my phone has become a handy approach to me.
  • I frame a simple sentence after i understand the word and the multiple ways it can be used in my daily conversations.It's easy that way you see:)
  • For the help with pronunciations, i have a talking dictionary too.
More fun...

These are some words i have learnt from few days. Sharing with you all:)
  • bibliomania
  • cynosure
  • syzygy
  • Iogy
  • credence
  • bucolic
  • defenestrate
  • sudser
  • exemporize
Fun News..
Did you know ? 

'Longest' word has 189,819 letters and takes three hours to pronounce it.

Read more about it here.


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