Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Connections - What I say, What You Understand?

I am so glad and excited to be part of my first NaBloPoMo challenge. Fully aware that July is going to be quite a hectic month for me, I first thought I will not commit to this.But the theme is a fantastic one.Something of my type. CONNECT!!

I love connecting and socialising with people.They can be my own family, friends or even strangers at times. Every person is so unique on this planet.Whenever we connect to every single person a memory is added into our basket.Need not be a good one always.While good connections make you smile again and again, bad ones give you a free lesson and warning about how they can be avoided next time. Having said that, here I share my thought on the first prompt of the challenge. 

Today's Prompt: July 1

Do people generally understand what you're trying to say?

I could interpret this question in multiple ways. At a superficial level, if one has to understand you, talk slowly and clearly.Communication skill is the key here. It is not simple as it sounds. The accent of some people can kill your time. They go on to say in their style which is hard to assimilate to your brain.Huge List of bad experiences I have. Mind the pitch and tone of your words.They really matter.No mumbling. No jabbering.Do not hurry to put your point across but make sure the person understands what is being told.

Stephen R Covey's The 7 habits of Highly Effective People - explains the concepts of communication at their best.

A step further, do people understand what I say? Well, not all people. It totally depends on who is listening to you.For instance, say I am undergoing a trouble. Not all people will understand the actuality of the problem. It so happens sometimes, even  in a group of friends, each will understand what I say in a different way. At their own wavelengths, 
probably.Being in one's shoes and understanding a situation is nearly impractical I feel.If they had undergone a similar situation (Unless the shoe sizes are close:P) then there is a positive chance.There are also a class of wonderful people who try to understand one's feelings and help if possible. That's on humanitarian ground and a different topic altogether.People to whom you matter understand you with very little spoken or even when you are on mute.Emotions and sensitivities are absorbed by different people at their own frequencies I feel.

Pun intended!
People who heard you, forget what you said. whereas, Listeners try to interpret them. Understanding what you say- is well executed by people who are interested in the conversation and chose to listen over mere hearing. Did I make sense here?

Written for NaBloPoMo Challenge 2015 :Prompt 1-July 1

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