Wednesday, July 8, 2015

~Times Change!

Bathers, 1950 by George Tooker

We grew up holding hands
fighting odds together, wrapping life in love bundle
turning our every frown into a smile
we stood as mutual support, never to stumble

How much I rejoiced in your company
clicking pictures on the river side with you at every turn
a single friend had made my world
But, Ignorance you threw at me, in solitude I burn

Times have changed, leaving me sink in pain
Seeing you fall for another woman is hard
My old faded memories with you take over me
with faint hope, the candle of our friendship- I still guard

As I swim in summer my lonely strokes
I saw you both passionately kissing at the beach side
At the changing room, I turn back, looking away from her
part of me jealous, the pain of missing you I hide

She has perfect figure and attitude
looking sexy, slender and soft in the towel she clad
How can I parch in your lovely life like a trouble
A friend in me wishes you luck, leaving a lover in me sad

Linking into A prompt each day -Prompt 38 – Midweek Wordle #6 where I have used 8 out of 10 words -never, stumble, love, turn, hard, river, looking and old 

Also linking it up with MagPie Tales: Mag 277.- writing for a picture prompt every week


  1. Sad for her. But maybe he never saw a lover in her...

    1. Yes Vinay . He had his heart for an other lady . Sorry for the delay in reply though!

  2. Love and friendship. Never go hand in hand.

    1. In case of a girl and a boy, it's tuf! Especially when friendship turns into love:)

  3. Sad. One-sided love? Did she disclose her affection and love for him? ..


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