Tuesday, September 29, 2015

99 things that make me happy #HappinessList

Here I go straight into sharing my list of happiness. No introduction necessary. I am all excited and happy to put in on the blog finally. This helps me know what I need out of my life and to be grateful for things that I am already blessed with.

  1. My Parents - Best blessing in my life. For every tiny thing they have done to me; I love and respect them immensely.
  2. Myself- Quiet naturally, I love being myself in what ever I do.I carry my real face and no drama there.
  3. My husband - His love and support beyond word and expression. I am super lucky to have a friend like him for a life time.
  4. My friends - Inseparable from my life. For the word friendship, they do complete justice here
  5. My dog snoopy - my cute little darling and my baby doll. She is compassionate and so loving. I miss being with her.Sigh!
  6. Blogging - an outlet to my passion for writing. I made wonderful friends here and they mean a lot to me. Networking and reading their blogs is so much of a learning 
  7. Travel- go places -A travel bug has bit me hard last year. I must say I am spending more time and money on wheels.Thanks to my husband, a travel freak.Cover the earth before it covers you- and I think I have taken this to heart very seriously.
  8. nail art - a recent talent, love this absolutely.
  9. Productive days - I yell and crave for them. It makes me feel good and happy.
  10. Check marks on the To do list- I wish that all of them are striked off end of the day. The ideal case is never 
  11. Swim in ocean- I wait for those days where I can drive into the endless sea and try my swim strokes
  12. Financial Independence
  13. Try new recipes - an endless desire to discover and manipulate recipes in my style. Health and taste blend together.
  14. Know home remedies- this is a mummy's trait passed on to me. I am voracious learner of home remedies for any ailment. I advise people a lot on this.*sounding like a old lady here *wink*
  15. Ginger tea - a mood upper and energizer to me. Best time is tea time to me and Mr K.
  16. Shopping  - therapy to my frustration at times. Which woman doesn't like shopping tell me?
  17. Food and nature Photography - I can walk places, climb cliffs, slide on snow, glide in air or do  anything to click nature. My recent and favorite addiction I call it.
  18. Soak in Sunset time - The WOW moment of feast to eyes, watching the magic of sunset and hues in the sky. Nostalgic!
  19. Day dreaming - A background process ever running besides anything I do.
  20. Reading self improvement articles - I love to learn and get better each hour.
  21. Books - not so lengthy ones - Short and crisp stories are my favorite. No patience with the lengthy notes.
  22. Live for bags and sandals - I have a huge collection of these, still cant stop buying many more
  23. Stuffed toys collection - I can never act grown up in this case. I want more and more of them.Another reason why little kids in my family stick to me .
  24. Dance like no tomorrow- any form- I can see why I was sent to a dance school before I got enrolled into my kindergarten
  25. Endless talk with my man beach side- pouring my heart out beach side. Oh all that is nice and not nice, doesn't matter.
  26. Romantic moments - Ahem! I crave for them .
  27. Recalling childhood stories told by my dad - walking the memory lane makes me strong and aware of my roots.Lessons for life
  28. Fighting with my brother and compromising -tirelessly exhaustive.
  29. Poetry - a piece of my heart, especially with rhymes
  30. Listening to my body - paying attention to bio-signals
  31. Humming my favorite songs  - old ones, especially
  32. Long walks 
  33. Nature trails - amazing experience
  34. Camping
  35. Rafting
  36. Snuggle in my comfy chair - crawling like a cat 
  37. French vanilla coffee - love the caffeine kick!
  38. Natural ice cream- they are the best and I have tried them all.
  39. Cycling- oh some workout too!
  40. Organized home -clean and things in place
  41. Painting- random paint strokes, landscapes precisely.
  42. Craft- to decorate my place
  43. Gardening - makes me self reliant for flowers 
  44. Meditation - silence and looking within.
  45. State parks - each one of them is a picturesque from heaven
  46. Barbequeue -chicken and fish marinated in Indian masalas. Drool*
  47. Road trips- Million memories . I will share more stories in a different post. I promise.
  48. Making mental dream list( lazy to put it on the paper )
  49. Observing people - Somehow love to to that. Amazed at how different and unique each one of us are.
  50. Being positive - my strength
  51. Organized closet - low tolerance to disorderliness
  52. Lavender fragrance- in anything is loved
  53. Red wine- in a fancy glass with my man
  54. Unlimited hugs in my man's arms
  55. Head massage freak - can get it daily and never get bored of it
  56. Collecting antic jewellery
  57. Small debates on women issues- bi
  58. Learning new languages- cannot get over this craze. I want to learn the alien language too:P
  59. Urge to learn or know something new - my daily mantra
  60. Star gazing - in silence
  61. Browsing old memories in albums - I often do this
  62. Praying God - for all that he is blessed me with. A big thank you to him.
  63. Hiking- based on mood. I am a lazy bum.
  64. Bollywood moves- I can mimic any step and any move.
  65. Studying various cultures- Finding the differences and variety.
  66. Motivating quotes- I read them daily
  67. A new word each day
  68. Healthy diet - is a must. Need more discipline towards this
  69. Some workout- I try to be active most of the time
  70. TED talks
  71. Cook-talk with mom - sharing my secret recipes-proud moments.
  72. Face book buff- it is not bad after all
  73. iPhone love - cant miss it
  74. Making new mistakes -after correcting the old ones
  75. mythological stories -n listen t
  76. Warm blanket
  77. Gokarna trip - I can spend all my life there
  78. Ballet shows - soothing
  79. Boat house- night times
  80. Temples
  81. Saree - On special occasion
  82.  family functions
  83. Talking to myself- Me-time
  84. Gossip with  mom
  85. Rain dance
  86. Gathering interesting facts 
  87. Comfortable clothing
  88. Array of flip flops
  89. Tennis 
  90. Casino - occasionally 
  91. Restaurant hoping with Mr K
  92. sleep- regardless or day/night- love it
  93. Horror Movies
  94. Fishing
  95. Smiling- always
  96. Cheese Pizzas
  97. Hyderabad dum biryani-mutton
  98. Jelly candies
  99. living life  to the fullest 
P.S:Trust me it is a little exhaustive to make a huge list but the  effort  is worth it.  Magically, you end up being happy making the happiness list.

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  1. so many beautiful thins to be happy about :D I would love to see your dog snoopy :D I absolutely adore them :D

    1. Thanks for dropping by Raj:) oh! you will adore more when you meet snoopy. Sorry for the late response.

  2. That's a fabulous list Rashmi. We have a lot in common - ginger tea, travel and a productive day to name a few :)
    I am sorry I did not recognize you on FB but this one is good to say I know you :)

    1. Hey Parul. I read your travel blogs recently. Looks like you had an amazing trip to Hong Kong. I would love to share my thoughts in the comments section, but since most of the blog reading happens on my mobile it becomes difficult ( or lazy) to publish. We had to pour some ginger tea and sit to chat our travel stories:) Thanks for reading and sorry for the late response though.


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