Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Its him and her- A Love Story

Source:Google Images

She painted her lips in red - bold and lustrous

Repeated glance in the mirror to check how she looked - trying perfection

bouncy curls at the soft ends of her hair - to brush it once again

the cross sparkled under the rim of her neck - a symbol of love and marriage

Right heal to wear to match her satin dress - shimmering in glamour

adjusted the window curtains and the photo on the wall - before she left

She waited at the station with a bouquet of roses - all excited

Sheer happiness - beyond words and expression

As she saw her love of her life arrive -after years long

Their keen eyes met - glowing and  yearning for love

The air around filled with music, love and kiss- not  an  inch less than a filmy scene

much needed warmth and cuddle  in each other's arms - as they hugged

Years had rolled but love  remained- exactly the same and stronger..

PS: Using all the 10 words of the wordle to weave a scene around them.
Cross, Window, Kiss, Life, Photo, Red, Glance, Brush, Right and Heal.

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