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Finally ..The Niagara - #TravelTaleTuesday-2

To read the first part of the road trip, how we enjoyed in the best scenes of nature read here.
After the much needed sleep and not so good but highly priced American breakfast at Holiday-Inn, we set out on wheels towards our destination. En-route to Niagara  we stopped at various places to click and experience the freshness in air. We drove on the roads which were laden with scenic beauty on both the sides of the highway. The pristine lakes, the lush green patches in the state parks, million color in the trees, the clear blue sky, the whipped cream-like-clouds, the cattle grounds, the deer crossings and many more things were a visual treat to us. It was a perfect way to unwind from our usual routine.
We were very aware that the world famous ferry "Maid of the Mist"  will be closed after that day and it will be operational only in the summer next year. One of our best friend had come to New Jersey just a week before and we had planned this trip for him. Our idea was to make it to the Niagara in the same year and we did it. Yes, we did anticipate a huge rush(and probably a stampede-mentally) and what we saw tumbled our imagination.

We reached the Niagara state park well within time and hardly found any rush for tickets.(May be everyone had thought that it will be crowded and preferred to stay back home). Oh yes, the biting cold weather is the main factor for not taking up road trips this month. Since we had a lot of time we wanted to walk the Gorge trail  to get to the ticket counter. The tiny hike we signed up for was not as easy as we thought. The marshy land the and slippery leaves on the  ground were clenching our feet, making it tuff to take the next step. Without giving up, we finished what we started. A little discovery on the way to an old cave which was once used by the U.S army was a thrilling experience.

Though it was my second time at the grand falls Niagara, I was no less amused than the first time. Niagara is a collective name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between Canada and USA. More specifically at the province of Ontario and the state of  New York. From largest to smallest are Horshoe Falls, the American falls and the Bridal Veil falls The Horshoe falls is mostly on the Canada side and the American falls is mostly towards USA separated by a goat island (not sure why it is named so.. reminds me of mekedaatu in Karnataka for some reason).The smaller Bridal Veil falls is also located on the American side separated from other waterfalls by Luna island. The international boundary was originally drawn through Horshoe Falls in 1819.Enough said, here  are the pictures I clicked.

The Horse Shoe Falls
The American Falls. Towards the end is the goat island.It is not clear in this image.


I am sure  you won't miss the rainbow

Bridge that connects Canada and USA

The Overall view

Just another click of American falls. Can you see the mist raising from the falls towards the  clouds?

Tired of the hike but not tired enough to pose

The huge walls

Oops ! how can I miss the picture of ferry boat here.

Maid of The Mist

The Cave of mystery.. Not the real name  though! It was mystery to me  to reach there. 

The first time we came here, we also visited the Niagara Fort .It is a  fortification built in 16th century by a French engineer to protect the interest of French in North America. It has its own history to say regarding the Battle of Fort Niagara.
We saw the dungeons, museums, the hides of animals used to protect the soldiers from cold, the place they slept and saw a lot of history alive. The life of any soldier is worth so much admiration for all the sacrifices they do to protect their nation. Real heroes they are.
The hand operated missile guns to launch the bombs

Prayer center of soldiers

The entrance of the grand Fort

View of the Lake Ontario through the museum window

Serene view of the Lake

Demo of how soldiers operated guns in those days

The complete view

After the magical experience and body all frozen in the chilling yet refreshing  wind, we noticed our tummies grumbling for food. Niagara has good options for food, spanning from Chinese to continental, English to Indian and anything you want to eat. My taste buds were dying for some spicy food .We opted to go to  the near by Punjabi restaurant for our lunch. Food is how my husband pampers and comforts me with. That works perfectly every single time:)
After a lavish Indian buffet lunch, we geared up to the last to-visit place of the day. It is a 3 hour drive from Niagara to the Grand canyon of the east .It is located in the southeast of Buffalo, Livingstone. The waterfalls of the Genessa river at the Letchworth state park is famous as the Grand Canyon of the east. Going to the  Grand Canyon at Arizona is still a dream, but I am sure I will be planning soon. It was very late by the time we reached there(It was dark by 5PM). The dim view of the place was soothing and a perfect place to relax. The highest waterfall in New York is located in this park known as the Inspiration falls (the name is quite interesting. Isn't it?)
It is a spectacular falls located on the tributary creek with a drop of 350 feet. The park which stretches for 17 miles has around 50 tributary waterfalls which flow into the deep gorge formed by the river
The  night view of the gushing water along with star gazing is a perfect combo 

The dim view of The Eat Grand Canyon

This is what my passion thrives for and my wander lust says ...Just go places.....!!
It was a lovely trip altogether where we were not worried about covering places but took our time to learn and make memories in each place we visited. We were back home safe and exhausted after the next 6 hour drive.
Tell me how you feel about travelling? What are the places you visited recently and what is on your list next?
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  1. Very attractive pictures . I personally feel that these are calling me to be there a day . Great post

    1. Hi Yogi. You should definitely go:) Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Nice trip Rashmi.. I had been to Niagara once, but didn't for that hike. Sometimes, visiting the place which we have already been is also good. Few places deserve second visit.

    What's on my wish list to travel? don't ask me, it's a big list :-) In India, I want to go on a road trip from hyderabad to Udipi and then to Goa. This is on wish list for quite long time. Have to visit Kerala, north east states and Gujarat. There are many International places also in my wish list .

  3. Hi Mahathi. Goa and Hyderabad is on my list too. Talk about the north east I am dying to go there. Thanks for dropping by:)

  4. Here we are struggling with one trip to Niagara in this life and you have done two! Lovely pictures though Rashmi :)


    1. Haha Thanks Richa:) The second one was unexpected though:)

  5. absolutely loved reading about trip. Glad to find someone who loves road trips as much as I do. The pictures are gorgeous... one day ... one day for sure :)

  6. Yes one day you must just pack your bag and go. for it..:) Thanks for dropping by Raj.


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