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High Point-One day #TravelTaleTuesday-3

On a normal weekend when we do not have a long road trip in mind, we go to the close by state parks to relax and spend some time in nature's lap. Locking up ourselves at home and sitting in front of the TV for hours is a rarest thing we do (probably only on  those hell of a lazy days). We decided to go to High Point state park after we saw good reviews about the place. It is a 90 minute drive from our place. (Jersey city). It was in the mid of September just when the green trees had begun to turn colorful. The drive to the place was awesome. Over to the pictures.
1)High Point Monument
The view from High Point Monument, at 1,803 feet above sea level, is a spectacular panorama of farmland and forest, soft hills and lush valleys. The blue line of the Delaware River divides the verdant ridges of New Jersey from those of Pennsylvania. High Point offers superb trails for hikers and skiers and quiet spots for campers and anglers.
The High Point Monument

The Soft array of trees

Wiki says: The monument was built through the generosity of the Kusers, in honor of all war veterans. Construction was started in 1928 and completed in 1930. At the top of the 220-foot structure, observers have a breathtaking view of the ridges of the Pocono Mountains toward the west, the Catskill Mountains to the north and the Wallkill River Valley in the southeast.

Since I had visited the Washington monument in the earlier month, I could relate this to a smaller version of it. The skyline watch was mesmerizing. The greens of the forest merges into the blues of the sky to create a picturesque in different delicate shades of their own.
The beauty of the view took over everything around and within us. We simply sat there giving ourselves the me-nature-time which we also call as the detox time.

2)Lake Marcia

The spring-fed 20-acre natural lake is cool and refreshing for swimmers which is protected by lifeguards and there is a bathhouse and food concession adjacent to the beach. This one looks like a private beach. We day camped here spending all our time in serenity. We made quick sandwiches for lunch.Listening to our favorite trance albums and reading our favorite books, clicking pictures was done for the rest of the day. What more can I ask for?.
The Foooood!
The Reflection of the tower

The clear water

Getting ready for fish reflexology

We two:)

The whole picture
The best thing I liked about the place is- It has all the elements I like to be in. The beach with clear water and white sand and  the green patch of fresh grass- all next to a play area where one can also swing and glide. Isn't that a perfect spot?. We took a walk around the area in our bare foot to feel the sand, water and the freshly mown grass(hypnotizes me).
Thanks to Mr. K, for buying this tent. It feels like a home on wheels where ever we go. Little house for two. Did I tell you about the free fish reflexology we got in the clear waters? It was a splendid experience. 
TOT: Tent of two
Picnicking, cycling, hiking, swimming and doing nothing are few among the list of options one can choose to do here.
3)Paterson/Great falls
The evening was reserved to visit the Great falls at Paterson. Located in the district's core, it is the natural landmark Great Falls, the second largest waterfall by volume east of the Mississippi.
Wiki says: The famous Silk Strike" of 1913 happened here, when the skilled workers demanded an eight-hour day. This was truly an important emergence of America's industrial prosperity and the labor rights movement. It has been described as America's very first systematic attempt to develop extensive waterpower for manufacturing purposes.
Watching the cascade of the waterfalls, a walk over the bridge are some things one cant miss to do here.
The view from the parking lot of Great falls

Closer view

The Complete view
 On the whole, it was a very calm and pleasant one day trip where we could see more than a single place without much exhaustion in our journey time as they were very close by from my place.
Until next travel tale,

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