Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas wait..

photo: Tess Kincaid

The shops are already teeming with people
intricate designs of colorful decoratives ,lights and candles for festival
Seems like the holiday season is already begun
preparing for Christmas, the roads look like a carnival

The kids have picked their new dresses
and Mommy has decided on the menu for  the grand day
the guest list is ready, and the gifts are wrapped
Oh, which flavor cake and cookies are we going to bake?

The sound from the jingle bells are the good vibes
we have bought a set of them and loads of paper lights
the christmas tree and the crib will be decorated by me and Sara
this time we share the work and there will be no petty fights

I can't wait to make my snow man
when the soft snow will be on the ground
December is a season of fun, festival and  good times
I have the song ready to sing, when the Santa is around

Written for MagpieTales:Mag 297

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  1. Those lines sketch the hustle bustle of the holiday season well!


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