Friday, December 18, 2015

The Lady of the house

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Every morning she raids the market
To pick the fresh fruits, veggies and minced meat
she does not leave until she gets what she wants
handpicking  is her skill, on her none can cheat

she has the meals planned for the week
healthy and tasty food for her family she cooks
on-time everything is ready at the table
 she has also mastered how a presentable food looks

She has lot of options open in her workshop
what ever one asks for, she makes them in no time
who ever came in, never left her home hungry
smiling and singing,  her food speaks in lovely chime

Her family was never ill and sick, good food was the reason
she rightly knew what time to give children peaches ,plums and berries
A fresh veggie soup in winter, frozen crannies jelly for summer
she planned it so well, her family had no food worries

She does not yell and crib when she does the dishes
Smile always adored her oval face, never lackadaisical
A clean and organised kitchen is her favorite place
Baking, barbecue, salads, desserts- she turns dream of every foodie real

she created a tiny busy world in her house
the one that always smelt good and filled with smile like a rose
she had a love affair with cooking, dishing out the varieties
A ton of thank you is never enough, to the lady of the house.

P.S:  The lady of the house does much more than cooking like taking care of her kids, managing the finances, having her own career and many more to mention. I have highlighted the cooking aspect of her in the poem


  1. The lady of the house is sans doubt a multitasker and a very good one at that too! A poetic tribute to her indeed:)


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