Friday, January 29, 2016

The Ghost, Within

photo by Francesca Woodman
I can feel your presence inside every cell
you have overpowered me, in the form of fear,
Making me skeptical of every dam thing I do
Self doubt, you drown me in- left no chance to cheer.

You haunted me every  single second- be it day or night
I lost even before I tried something- blame on you,
My castles of dreams in air, reduced to nothing
you came before me, stopping my wishes becoming true.

Life became a nightmare to live or die
I am convinced that I am the cause for all my trauma,
I mustered courage to fight you with all my might
Blowing you off from within, thus ending this dual face drama.

I no longer feel your presence within or near me
I see a proud and gratified image of myself in the mirror
I am the writer of the story- of your creation and destruction
Liberated from self speculations - life seems happy, confident and clear.

Written for Magpietales-Mag  303


  1. Learning to deal with who we are and accept ourselves is so important. The imperfections can be quantified immediately and surgically. The beauties take time to accomplish. Dont get stuck in the mirror. Go out and make something beautiful you can live with.

  2. Those are amazing lines Rashmi... well done :-)
    Cheers, Archana -

  3. Rashmi the way you constructed your lines, the words you chose and the way they flow made the poem feel so personal to me. I felt the raw emotion graduate from anger and defeat to strength and victory. Beautifully heartfelt.

  4. very deep. Love the way you have portrayed it
    BTW I have missed your posts. Welcome back lady

  5. Glad to see the subject in this poem has found power and is moving on.


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