Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Warrior Woman

photo by Caroline Knopf

I am a born fight and a fierce warrior
in the battlefield I roar and tear the enemy's flesh
Looking like a hungry lioness when a enemy confronts
the blood of fury surges in my every nerve

At the dusk I come to this shore daily
a place where we met and laughed hard
A serene sea, where  promises were made and two hearts became one
On this rocks, you had won a warrior woman's heart

 Day and night I bubbled in revenge after you were gone
A real man never cheats a woman in the name of love
I know someday you will come here again
since your karma won't leave you, unless you are  hunted

I wait here with my spear, fuming with anger
At the very first sight, I will stab your heart and rip your head
Less because you are from a enemy troop who played a game
and only since you are fake putting real warrior to shame

                           Linking it up with MagpieTales:Mag 305



  1. that is an interesting poem! fake emotions can make a heart a battlefield

  2. Karma always gets you in end. And justice shall be served.


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