Thursday, March 31, 2016

A:Accept life as it comes #a-z challenge 2016

"Human Emotions and Qualities" is my theme for A-Z Blogging challenge 2016


Life is what we believe it is. It can be a boon or a curse according to one's perception.What we like to label it, is our choice. Accepting things as it comes and going with the flow of life makes it a jolly ride.When I say acceptance, I am not equating it with compromising.We  see that so many people dwell in their past, regretting and cribbing all their life about some thing that cannot be changed.I am no exception.Little early did I realize that it was all futile and nothing could change a bit of my past, I could have saved a lot of time and energy.But again, all those mistakes in the past are done and dusted and I want to move on  accepting that things happened for good.Nothing can be done about them right?
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What seems to be very tough for many of us is accepting oneself.For instance, I have a friend of mine who dreads over her overweight body and hates it to the core.She is not happy with her life just because of her extra pounds.One can always find her crib and complain about how she can't attend a get together or a family gathering.She feels cursed.All efforts from her friends to make her understand that she has to accept her self and try to do stay positive- goes in vain.Every single time.I wish she had a mindset to  accept the reality and realize that being positive, exercising and healthy eating would be of definite use to her.After all, of so much trauma happening around us how can a problem that can be solved needs so much yelling.

Talk about other set of people obsessed about being fair and having a scar-free-clear skin.What not they try on their poor skin to experiment.They are the lab rats of any skin product advertisements that come up.I mean, how can one's color make them feel inferior? What's with the clear skin of a person if their attitude towards others is not right? Some things are beyond my mind to comprehend.

On the contrary, acceptance is surely not a easy thing. But yelling and complaining about every single thing under sun is  of no use at all.I believe in one mantra- what can be controlled can definitely be controlled, provided we put the required effort and that which is out of our control- what can one do about it.Accept it and move on.

Accept that the person is gone and will never to be seen again. Accept that your life is not as easy as your next door person and be happy with what you are blessed with. Accept that we are bound to make mistakes.Accept that some people don't change no matter what. Accept life as it comes.

On a refreshing morning after every night has passed, I want to believe that I am living more instead of thinking that I have died a little.

Is it worth worrying so much in life where we have no second chance to live the same hour of the day?


  1. Very true. Your post reminded me of Omar Khayyam's - 'The moving finger writes, and having writ/moves on, not all thy piety nor wit/can lure it back to change half a line/nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.' So important to make sure that it writes something we won't want to change down the line.


  2. Such a beautiful word. And yet so difficult sometimes..

    Seena from
    Thinking Aloud

  3. that's well said. Learning to accept things is good in a way, because only then you will be able to take action ... atleast that's a lot better than cribbing and being miserable.

    A Whimsical Medley
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller

  4. Wise words! Accepting life on life's terms is a motto I strive to adhere to. Everything happens for a reason and the bad usually ends up being good in the long run so why fret about it?
    I like your post and especially loved the quote "Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith for what will be." BEAUTIFUL WORDS TO LIVE BY!!

    Great start to the A-Z. Hope you're having fun!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  5. Beautiful post, Rashmi. It is a difficult thing to master, but I did a whole year on acceptance in 2014 and my whole world opened up. Letting go makes so much sense!
    Best Wishes!

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