Saturday, April 2, 2016

B: Brave is beautiful #A-Z Challenge 2016

"Human Emotions and Qualities" is my theme for A-Z Blogging challenge 2016

Brave is a word with which I am associated not one or two but a million times. Ever since my growing years people around me identify me as a brave-tomboyish-girl. I have always been confused about this whether to take it as a complement or as a comment because brave is mostly mistaken to be blunt or arrogant in my case. Sometimes I feel people have the wrong definition for the word 'brave'. What needs to be called as a basic thing and a necessity is mistaken to being labeled it as bold or brave move just because some one did not have an urge to do it. 

Let me explain- I would not call fighting with the bus conductor if he is not giving me a ticket to be a brave move (those of who travel in BMTC buses in Bangalore know this well). If the bus ticket is priced say Rs 12, the conductor would ask you to pay just Rs 5 which goes into his pocket for which he does not give you a ticket. I have seen people heed to this cheap offer because they save Rs 7 there. I am not the one to tolerate these kind of acts. In that instant, I stand up and ask him loudly so that other people are also aware that they are not doing the right thing. I call this a basic right thing to do. I hate the wrong labels when I stand up for someone who deserve support, complain the hotel management when the food is bad or anything that cannot be ignored by me.People who tag me with wrong labels are just not bothered to stand up for a right thing.

My family calls me brave since mine is the first inter-caste love marriage  in my family. They have seen me manage my share of wedding expenses and arrangements done with very minimal help from the family and mostly done alone. Blessed with understanding parents, loving husband and reliable friends is the other side of the coin who made it happen. I did all that because it was what I wanted and I loved doing it. Nothing bold about it right? It embarrasses me actually to be called bold.

I call myself brave when I really do something courageous or  adventurous. On a trip to lake superior on a damn cold day, when many tourists sat on the shore and enjoyed staying at bay, I went and dove into the freezing water. I swam like there was no tomorrow. I am sure lot of people there would have called me crazy. I was not the one to bother.I don't shrug when it is the most scariest roller costar ride or deadliest zip lining or the rough water rafting. No, I never said I am fearless. I am definitely afraid. I surely am not the one to make an insane move. I will evaluate the risk involved and make sure that the risk is worth the experience. At that moment, what comes to my mind is that I must not miss the opportunity in front of me. When some one can do it why not me? I am happy about trying various crazy things like this. I am proud about facing my fears rather than the fear taking over me. 

Does my definition of "Brave" makes sense? Tell me what do you think about being brave.


  1. I agree with your definition. Brave is doing something even though you are afraid. I enjoyed your post.

    Weekends in Maine

  2. Being brave is wonderful.. it's about not fearing and doing what your heart says.. and doing all the adventures you mentioned, boy, they're so breath taking and fun to do.. I totally love them and there is no harm in doing what you feel is right :)


  3. Being brave is important and it also a state of mind. Good to know about you Rashmi :)

  4. Beautiful post, Rashmi.. I think you've defined Brave quite well.
    Best Wishes!

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  5. Being brave should be natural to everyone... but I would want to be intelligently brave!!
    Tina from Twinkling Tina Cooks


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