Monday, April 4, 2016

C:Confidence #A-Z Challenge 2016

"Human Emotions and Qualities" is my theme for A-Z Blogging challenge 2016

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Confidence is the key to success.Any work done with the lack of confidence is incomplete.Most of the time they do not turn out to be fruitful.Self confidence is the best outfit we can wear and rock on.If one does not believe in his or her own potential how can other people believe us?I personally have gone through a lot of incidents where people have pulled me down when they noticed doubts I carried about myself.On the contrast, when I exhibited stern resoluteness I have emerged successful.Be it college, work, outer world, nagging people, day-in and day out activities or with whom-so-ever, faith-in-oneself becomes a stepping stone for success.With low self-confidence, we experience anxiety, discouragement, fear and depression. We avoid new things and miss out on wonderful life experiences. 

Here is a normal incident that I came across recently:

I was waiting for my turn at a beauty salon for a hair cut.Since it was a weekend there were a lot of people in the queue.A barely 10-12 year old boy walks in calmly and talks something to the owner to which he gets a nod-in-agreement.He walks to the place where the people waiting for hair cut are seated and begins like this.

Hi everybody.I am KingNahh, the youngest International  motivational speaker.I have conducted a lot of motivational sessions worldwide. I have visited countries like ..(list goes on) I talk about various parent-children issues...(gives more details). I am making a documentary film on motivation for which I need support and sponsors.

This is my Facebook page and booking details..(circulates his brochure to everyone). Now,I need all of you to give me 3 dollars each in support of my project.

The crowd stays mum in awe of his confidence.Some start searching for his FB page on their phones for confirmation and seem to be convinced.

90% of the people there just pulled out the bills and gave this boy without a second thought.

30-45 seconds some magic had happened in the salon.None spoke except the boy.He says Thank you to all and walks out with the same confidence.

What do you  think happened here?

  • The boy at that tender age was damn confident about what he was saying and doing.
  • By circulating the brochure he clarified the doubts in the minds of people where his website, FB page, link to YouTube videos and his contact details were provided.
  • He sought support for a good cause in a confident-fearless tone .
  • Self-confidence was his power to win the crowd with out any doubt.

Do you want to know more about this hero? Visit and don't forget to watch his YouTube videos on motivation.I promise you will not regret the time spent watching the little fellow talk.

What do you think can boost our confidence? How have you overcome your fears? Do share your thoughts.                       



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  1. Wow! Hats off to such a young talent. It's a virtue to be able to carry yourself with such confidence. I recently met a small boy who was helping his Mum sell stuff in a flea market. Not only was he able to finish the sale, but he managed to impress all the walkers by as well. That was the confidence he exuded. Thank you for choosing this topic!

  2. Wow, that little guy is really something! How confident. he's going to really be somebody that we'll recognize in the future. He has it all going for him!
    He exudes self-confidence.
    I vary with self-confidence: sometimes I have it and nothing can stop me; other times I want to curl up in a ball. It's hard to hold onto it 24/7. but you're so right: it's all-important!

    Michele at Angels Bark


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