Sunday, April 2, 2017

A- The Announcement #A-Z Challenge 2017


The first day of Jan 2016, a new journey began just like  a new calendar was open, marking a  new beginning in our life . The wonderful news for Me ,K , and  the entire family  awaited as a new person was going to join us in next 10 months . How can I describe  the joy we could not contain when the blue lines appeared on the strip at 5 am . Which else could have been a better morning to K other than waking up to the news of a sprouting life inside me .A love inside his love. 
Yes, We were pregnant.

This sweetest announcement of the arrival of a little one was the bestest gift we could ever think for. For a life time actually. What can I call the feeling of seeing the blinking heart of another life contained in a sac inside me on the  screen as I  had my first scan as I a mommy-to-be. Ecstasy or beyond that. It's a feeling beyond words. 
The words of the doctor  "It's a Baby" echoes like she said it  few minutes before  (and it's 8 month already) . The What-if's, How-why-when's all felt good for the first time. The mixture of  excitement, fear, happiness, love was the best concoction. We knew that for a long time from then we will be doing the hospital visits, happily not for illness but for wellness.
A new journey of me, K and a fond love growing inside me began . For the second time I was going to fall in love head-over-heels, deeply,  madly with a soul from heaven.
A blind-love story began to unfold as we  two became three.... then and  forever.

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