Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Baby and You


A baby is born so is a mommy. New motherhood is very difficult with its own sets of challenges. When one becomes a mommy along with a little life out of her, one may have to start babying her body. I remember the quote I heard after my delivery which is true to the dot.


            "Baby your baby , Baby your body"


The body of a woman after the baby is not a change but a transformation. Once the journey of mommying ( if I can use that word ) begins it never ends . Pregnancy followed by after birth and tackling with his whole lot of experience is not a cake walk.It is not whether one  gives birth naturally or undergoes a C section, both of them equally demands rest.In the process of celebrating the arrival of the baby, the mother somewhere neglects taking care of herself.She is lost in the overwhelming joy of the little bundle of joy.


All that rest and pampering suddenly stops.Sleepless nights keeps her company.Healing stitches, bleeding, lactating hormones, mood swings and oh boy a lot more is on her plate . These are just just talking about her body. The intense emotional journey that she goes through is both exciting and exhausting.Talk about the incessant advises pouring from all corners of the world.How will she know what to follow and what to ignore.Can one imagine the amount of stress she got to handle, sometimes all alone. Give it the time for it to get back  to normal, it will take time and allow that time. Ask for help when needed. When it is time to rest, take it.Do not stress over trivial things ( easier said than done) . Help yourselves before you expect help from outside.


Most importantly  Say it to yourself that it is a natural process and transition is not going to happen over night. Exaggeration and over thinking is unnecessary.Trying to control everything and setting in the race of becoming the world's best mom is a foolish act. It adds to the already accumulated stress and nothing less.Watch out woman- there is a dark pit of depression staring at you.There is a clear line from sanity fading into insanity. Once you ignore, it will consume you with out a notice. Talking about postpartum depression deserves a whole blog post (saved for later).


What ever she has to go through, the baby is definitely worth every sleepless night, every scar, every pain. The baby's smile and tender hugs rejuvenates her energy end of the day , no matter what. 

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 Baby is of utmost importance to her, so are you woman.


Only happy ladies make happy mothers .

What do you think Mommies?

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