Thursday, April 6, 2017

Compare to Complicate

Oh wonderful woman
Look at you
An unique soul 
In the large universe
The charm of love you carry
Where ever you go
Lying in your hands
Profound happiness 
Wrapped in the soft cloth
Marking new beginnings
Like a baby, a mother  is born

As a doting mother
Nursing the little one
Delicately, into this new world
You two beautiful lives
Bound by love and destiny

Being your own version
Withdrawing from the world's race
In a space free of comparison
Along the path of compassion
strides of pride you take
Leaving footprints of your own

Don't judge another baby
He may not learn things quick
Like yours
Turn your fingers around
At that woman
She may not choose to breast feed
or failed to fit into her old jeans

The lady next door
Loves her baby too
For she is a beautiful mother 
Holding and balancing her career too

 shrugging away , the painful judgements
being a independent woman is her choice

The woman you met that day
Pumps a lot of milk
Formula may be your choice
Both of you, have your stories
a version o f their own
sometimes, untold.

A baby stepping into the world
From the cocoon of womb
Into the cozy arms 
Holding unconditional love
How does it matter
If the baby slid on her own 
Or left a scar of stitches

Every one is different
Every one has their battle to fight
Be you, epitome of love
live and let live 
if you still don't agree
go ahead
Compare to complicate

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