Saturday, April 8, 2017

E - Expression of Love #A-Z Challenge 2017

Oh my girl
A life out of me
A heaven in our arms
A pure bliss that you are
An ecstasy
The glitter of happiness that shines
All day, all night
Through your innocent smile
Those curious bright  eyes
Ready to explore new things
That eagerness, wrapped in innocence
Undaunted faith
Gripping our hearts
Coupled with elegance, just as it is
A glowing star
A bright day, everyday
A bundle of joy, you bring along


I can go days looking at you
At peace I am , lost
In our world, of us
my heart melts and skips beat for nth time
At your every chuckle
Every lovely expression
Every yawn
Every sound you make
Every time your tender fingers move
Some times curling them around mine
Oh such a bliss it is
Every time you patch a smile
Drooling past your pink lips
Did I mention, those lovely dimples
The cutest ever
Raising your tiny lotus feet in air
When you pull your hair
When you roll over, again and again
 nectar of motherhood
The sweetest with you


Being there for you  always
Liking this phase of life
To the fullest
Dear Esha, you complete us 💕👨‍👩‍👧

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