Wednesday, April 19, 2017

F: Forgive but don't forget

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I am losing track of time . I get up to a sunrise and soon its time for sunset and the calendar shows next day. Life is changing wonderfully watching my girl roll, crawl, scoot, jump and dance. Everyday is so exciting and new.There has been no room for boredom. I am so involved in thinking of variety of things  I can teach to her , impart to her, sorting things which are best for her.Sometimes, things strike hard and nice when I stand back and check on the reality.The reality that my little one is a store of life lessons and she has them in abundance for me to pick up.
More than I am there for her, she is there for me. As my wonderful teacher.
One of those precious lessons she teaches  is to forgive and not forget. How innocent and pure souls kids are when it comes to forgiving. The first moment of her anger for not picking her up when she sees me, or taking away that toy from her when she is stuffing it in her mouth or yelling at her (yes, I do at times) all fades away in seconds and surfaces with smiles. Those wide cute curves on her face which can make anything wait. How many seconds can she remember her moments anger in her mind? Not even a few. We burst into laughter together followed by a bear hug and lovey dovey kisses.Such pure and clear innocence she is.
 Why is forgiveness not so easy for grow-ups? Isn't life too short to hold grudges? Why do we hold hatred so close to our hearts? 
Can we just not forgive people and not forget the lessons for life. I think easy said than done.
Do you also feel the same ?

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