Friday, April 14, 2017

G:Girl, I know you are watching

As much as I nod my head when people say parenting is challenging, I also agree that it's very rewarding. The rewards come in the form of watching my little one smile, cuddle her while I sleep and the innumerable smooches we exchange. They are precious and priceless. The bonus is, I try to become a better individual. Yes, I have been noticing a lot of changes in myself over 8 months now. While there is always a room for improvement the journey of trying to get better everyday is gratifying. Why do all this? Because the little one is watching me .My behavior, the way I talk, the way I sit, all my actions, all my expressions, my manners is observed recorded and played. I think kids are great mimics of the parents:-P..Aren't parents her first friends and home her first school. 

What becomes habits today will be their character tomorrow.As much as one wants to have a kid and  life revolves around them , the parents become entirely responsible for the ambience the kid grows up in. There needs to be a constant monitoring on how it impacts the child's behavior. I may sound like a parent who is into this from years now. But trust me, its unbelievable how a 3 month old baby observes and imitates you.She screams when you scream. Smiles when you smile, Claps when you clap and  exactly imitates you.In their  growing years they talk like you, yell like you and will be friendly if you are one.What starts like small actions will be her in her future.Girl, I know you are watching me.I will try to show you the best I can offer and it's my promise to you

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