Wednesday, April 19, 2017

H: Home

My little bird in the nest
Nest abundant with love, care and happiness
Happily growing  little by little
Little we realize how life flies
Flies In the flash of Time
With Time, You will grow wings
Wings of your own and you are free
Free to do what you dream
Dreams like the sky has no limit
Limits not stopping you to soar high
High And above all ,Ready to fly
Flying like exploring world on your own
Owning your  passions  and fire of desire
Desire to aspire more and more 
More than what life offers
Offers, showing  crest and trough
Troughs won't interfere with your spirit
Spirit to keep dreaming and trying
Trying gets hard at times
Times when you feel alone
Alone, you feel weak and lost
Do not forget there is a home
Home waiting for you and there for you
You are welcome with hearts open
Open arms and warm hugs
Hugs of support and love
Love that strengthens you to swim the storms
You are still the Baby of the nest and of the two souls 
Always good to be home
Home sweet home, the abode of Love.


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