Wednesday, April 19, 2017

J: Judging Women


The world has good share of people who are always  busy judging others. When it comes to woman, the number of judgments is an inexhaustive list. It is no less when a woman becomes a mother. Just when she is stepping into a new phase of life, excited and apprehensive about new challenges on her way, she is bogged with undeserving judgments which she rather does not deserve.

Have you not heard people pass vague comments  like 
she chooses her career over the baby, she must be a bad mother. 
She studied MBA to sit at home after the baby. Alas!
 if she had exercised properly, she would have had a  normal delivery. 
She gives bottle milk to the baby, how will the baby bond with her?
This is an endless story and it can go on for  episodes.

Aspiring a career after the baby does not make any mother a worst of her kind. It does not mean she loves her baby any less than a mom staying at home. In the first place, a mother can never run short of love for her child. There is always time for love.When a stay at home has her own  troubles or reasons to stay with the baby full time, a working mom will have different needs and aspirations. There is extra work she takes up, comprises on certain things, manages her time in a different way and aspires her career.There is no real need to judge anybody here.
 Every baby is different and so is the mother. The decision to stay home or to continue with her job depends on the child-mom duo and also the family conditions. Circumstances may or may not favor both the cases. This is the reality. A working woman is judged a little extra according to me. A woman works to answer her aspirations, for her financial independence, to build her  individuality which should not be lost on the shadow of her husband.
Along the path of parenting she also has lot on her plate to do. May be she wants to show her child to be financially independent which is very essential. She wants to bring home knowledge from outside which in turn helps make the family better. She wants to be a happy individual which will make her a satisfied mother. None of this means that she is selfish, a bad woman or a less-loving mother.
Likewise, people should also stop judging women who prefer to stay at home after the kid. May be she needs a break from her monotonous career or she wants to spend more time with the kid. Every one will have reasons for what they do.
What one has to remember is, everyone's journey is different. The roads each of us take is not same. 
Don't judge unless you have walked their path.



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