Friday, April 7, 2017

D:The Daddy

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A father  is as much important as the mother to a child. Not a little more not a little less, both the parents have essential roles to play in a child's life.His role does not begin after the baby is born, but from the day the couple is expecting and  all through out the pregnancy. The daddy of my little world is one such amazing father, doing every single thing to us and being there for the family, always. Since we were pregnant abroad, far away from home we together had to take care of each and every thing all by our own. Indeed, we had chunks of advice and suggestions, list of do's and dont's continually pouring in.But we chose to be us and did what felt right for our lives. In a way we enjoyed this exciting journey  to the fullest, just the two us and no one to irritate.

My husband never made me miss home. He went way beyond than what he could do. He was my genie and all my wishes were granted. Some even before I could ask for. Isn't that true love all about. Despite his work, he came along for every single doctor visit making sure me and the baby is always the priority. The auspicious moments when we craved food together, the apps we installed to know what-to -expect of the baby's activities  growing inside week on week, feeling the baby kicks, talking and story telling to the baby-bump, getting the hospital bag ready, checklists of what-to-shop, decorating  baby room all by our own was out of the world pleasures.

He was and has always been  found doing his share of duties enthusiastically and perfectly, out of pure love for us. We took evening strolls together, clicked pictures together, panicked together and became cushions-of-comfort for each other .We took it slow, easy, one step at a time and wonderfully. He is the strongest support I can think of and he is right next to me for anything to everything.Right from the dress for maternity shoot to planning of baby shower, right from what I wanted to eat to what I hated the most. He knows it all. That said, I did also manage my work, home and hobbies on my own, with out  bogging him with too much work to do in his court. In reality, we never divided any work as we always did things together and we enjoy it that way.When required we also got our separate "me-time". I was fine when he wanted to take a solo 10 day road  trip when his passion was calling or When I wanted to blog, cook, draw or click pictures.We were happy being us individually or as a combo.

The joy and ecstasy when our first family picture was clicked in the operation theater knew know bounds. We have never experienced happy tears in that way, like that day when we welcomed our baby in to this world.All amounts of  labor pain felt nothing and vanished like vapor when Esha arrived. A new life began when we two became three.

Daddy's responsibility became double(or more) after the baby just like the mommy. Now he had to take care of the little one , and a woman was not just his wife but also a mommy.Seeing his woman  in pain, who  had never seen stitches in her life before this C section was not easy for him either. All those crazy hormones, the sleepless nights of breastfeeding, cleaning up of the baby, the careful bath seasons, the postpartum doctor visits, keeping my company while I pump, handling the mommy anxieties despite his own, for every single thing the daddy was with us. 

We laughed together and cried together.The emotional steps we took together to give our best to the little love was cautious and challenging initially.To top it all we also had the responsibility of bringing the families to an other country ,applying visas,planning the trips and driving thousands of miles to show them places. He owned his duties, embraced them with love.He was always there for me then and he is always there for us now.. Is there anything more he could do? I cannot think of any.You name it, he did it . 

The story continues as he now dons the hat of daddy  competing with mommy instincts, making sure our girl has everything for her on time . Be it toys, the diapers , the pediatrician visits, evening walks, time spent with the on and so forth. Once a mommy always she is one and the same applies to him as well.

He never failed me as a supporting husband.When he had a career aspiring independent woman in his life, he gave her space to spread her wings in her arena.He let her be, without imposing anything on me.For all the judgements people made about me, he stood by me and is the wall of confidence.We apparently grew thick skin for them and are busy in our own-little-lovely world. We thank the stars daily for this amazing daddy .

I do not how this road of parenting is going to be. There are rough days, and happy ones. Sometimes, frustration engulfs us and togetherness keeps our spirit going. Certain days are gloomy and we feel so lost but yet again we bounce back.I do not  know if he is going to be the perfect daddy, but I am sure he will be his best version.

Like always, a loving companion to me  and the best friend to her. He completes us

P.S : In this post I am reminiscing our memories from the journey of pregnancy and new parenthood (still it is) and owing it to the Daddy (I feel he is the less talked about topic compared to the mother).

Amma and Esha  

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