About Me

You are welcome here.
Thank you for connecting with me . Yet another friend added to my journey with 'Tales and Life' ,time to celebrate!! .
I am a newbie to 'Blogging', a much procrastinated task for bringing my dairy and thoughts online(from years though) . Glad, i kicked in a start. I have a opinion and a thought to share and few stories to tell you and listen to yours as well, anything and everything under the sun.
About me ? nothing much... ok, wait i have few things .
An IT Engineer by proffesion and a 'Lover of Life' by passion. I have only one mantra to follow , 'One Life and make the most of it NOW!'. Cant postpone to smile or mourn until tomorrow.
Believe blogging is about connecting to various belief systems and hearts, drawing inspirations needed for life from real stories and not a grammar test, so i could go on to learn and write better with time and practice .
I can dance to any music spontaneously , never say NO for FUN, have no enemies, make escape plans with my husband to go round the world, can go on listening stories from my parents ,a hard core foodie also love cooking especially the non veg, can cure a multitude of ills with my sense of humour .
Blessed with a healthy heart, supporting husband , godly parents ,friendly brother ,loads of friends and best for the last, my cute dog.
You will not be disappointed to connect with me and like me more when we meet. A smile and a bunch of memories are assured goodies!
So, cant wait any longer to hear from u..... !:):):)
Your's truly,
Rashmi Karthik


  1. Just looking in on your very interesting blog for A to Z Challenge. Keep it up.

  2. Got to know you via Parul , who reviewed my first Book : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara : now in 16 countries , 118 libraries India , 3 in USA


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