Sunday, April 10, 2016

G:Give-Back-Time #A-Z Challenge 2016

Human Emotions and Qualities" is my theme for A-Z Blogging challenge 2016

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The evening table was decked with the family's favorite food and dim candles.
 Laughter and happiness were witnessed by who ever crossed their table.

A family dinner was planned on her parent's 20th anniversary.

After much fun, food and merry time it was time to pay the check.Merlin's fingers stopped her father from pulling out his wallet.

She looked at the check amount and started counting her one dollar bills.

Smiling at the waitress she placed the bills carefully on the table  along with a generous tip.

Her parent's were amazed to see the whole scene happen in front of them.

Sensing the question from her dad's curious eyes Merlin explained:

"Dad, I did a promotional job after my school hours to gather this money to gift you guys a pleasant dinner.Hope you liked it" An humble smile crossed her lips.

Looking at their daughter growing up responsible, the proud parents hugged and kissed


A:Accept life as it comes.

B: Brave is beautiful.



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