Sunday, April 10, 2016

H-Humor #A-Z Challenge 2016

Human Emotions and Qualities" is my theme for A-Z Blogging challenge 2016

Humor is an integral part of everyone's life.It is an universal language which every one will understand.Like any other family, we have clashes of all types within us at times.But humor is how every fight ends for us.Funny as it looks, we have heard many comments about this from outside.Most of them even appreciate it.I will sometimes be amazed how such serious issues find a humor shade and everything becomes so easy within us.That is the reason why we never have elaborate fights where we don't talk to each other for days or weeks.Everything should find a solution before we go to bed, and yeah we often end up laughing at what happened during the course of the day.Else, the fight is still not over for us.
This mode luckily extended even after my wedding.Having a partner who has a good sense of humor is a very good blessing.With this common streak in us, we have a lot of fun-time together.Ability to laugh at ourselves is something that I admire and respect.A little laughter can solve a mammoth problem is something we figured out naturally.Can you imagine we forgetting the cause of the fight or the fight itself after a hearty-tummy-aching laughter.I know we are crazy that way.
But I feel some silly, weird things are necessary to keep a simple problem simple.Who likes complexity isn't it? In the name of fun and laughter it is very easy to taunt and hurt others sentiments.I personally feel it is very indecent thing to do.Humor in a good sense makes one forget worries and cures life's biggest ills.Mocking and causing pain to anyone is not my motto of enjoying humor.
Talking about others weight, someone's problem, complexity, hair, dress, the way they walk is very cheap.And I also hate people who believe that humor is always paired with vulgarity.Talking about body parts and sex and indulging in a indecent fun time  is miserably annoying.I try to refrain from them and not entertain such obscenity.Everything will have a limit and crossing them doesn't serve the purpose of Humor.We have no right to comment and talk about others for that matter.Consciously, I try not to make such stupid mistakes.In case I in anyway go wrong and still hurt others I immediately apologize the other person and clear my intention and make sure we are fine.When everything can be solved by laughing at the problems why drown in sadness and waste our time worrying.Isn't life all about living happily and  making memories?
So let's stick to good and healthy humor which is good for soul and abstain from sadness which is poison.What do you think about Humor in your life?

A:Accept life as it comes.

B: Brave is beautiful.




  1. I know, being able to laugh at ourselves is funniest thing to do and me and my husband enjoy this utmost! Having a good sense of humor is very charming and I just got lucky having such a companion by my side :) Just like you :)


  2. A little good, clean humor can cure a world of ills! A good laugh reduces stress. And finding a way to settle ones differences before going to bed is an often ignored command. Holding on to anger only festers and makes us soul sick.
    Hope you are enjoying the AtoZ!
    Revisit the Tender Years with me during the #AtoZChallenge at Life & Faith in Caneyhead!

  3. Beautifully explained.Being able to laugh with that special someone is indeed special.


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