Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K:Know-It-All mask #A-Z Challenge 2016

Human Emotions and Qualities" is my theme for A-Z Blogging challenge 2016

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I have faced many weird scenarios when it comes to people. Most of them  being a major lot at the workplace. The know-it-all variety of people I am talking about are the ones who in reality know nothing and pretend as if they are a pro in the topic being discussed. Be it movie, a current affair, a book, recent technology, a hotel or any trivial thing for that matter As soon as one begins a topic they are ready with this fake mask to pretend that they know every inch about  the topic. I am really not sure what one gains by doing so. It is very obvious not to know about every single thing under sun. When  something is  being discussed I don't understand why such people don't want to learn about it. If it is not the topic that interests them then to be in the conversation or not is purely one's choice. But, while pretending to know everything under the sun they become the spoil sport in the group. Ask them to talk about what they actually know. Not an word makes a way out of their lips. That expression when the fake mask falls off! Lol. Worth a scene.
I have encountered not one but many situations with such disgusting people. I believe in humility. Admitting that a certain thing is not known to us is not a crime. Not an embarrassment either. It is just a an opportunity to know something new on that day. Another lot of people have a different problem. They know only superficial details about the topic, say something like the Jungle book movie. Even before something is being discussed they throw a shrug of ignorance with the I-know look. It spoils the ambience of the group which is keen to know about what is being discussed.
 Like the oasis in the desert there are very few nice and humble people who know how to unlearn what they already know. They unlike the former lot, don't jump into conclusions and give away fake facts. Such pals become a part of healthy conversation and contribute to the thoughts of the group. At the end so much information will be shared amongst them. Listening skills becomes so much important today. No I am not giving pointers on how to enhance listening skills or any lecture on this. It is a basic mannerism to behave in the group and not spoil the conversation of others. If they are a truly-know-it-all then please wait outside the group is what I say.
Have you also come across such situations with people? What do you think about the Know-it-all attitude?

A:Accept life as it comes.

B: Brave is beautiful.




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