Friday, April 15, 2016

M:Memories #A-Z Challenge 2016

"Human Emotions and Qualities" is my theme for A-Z Blogging challenge 2016
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Memories are a treasure of life
some are bad and some good
some make us laugh at tuff times
some make us weep at  happy times
they are crazy the way they are
still nothing can change them an inch
to visit them again or to neglect
is the  choice of heart
they just come as a pack of emotions
a nightmare or a fairy tale
Memories are still what they are
the timeless treasure of heart.
P:S 'Memories' is a never ending topic to write about. One can go on and on talking about it. On a sick day, I have kept it simple. I will write an elaborate version of this in future.




  1. Love finding new blogs during the #Challenge. Nice presentation of your work. Easy to read, uncluttered, a relief. Congratulations on the hard work it takes. While you have been busy, me too, writing about historic hotels and inns. If you have time or interest, drop by. Feel better, keep on having wonderful memories.

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  3. Stepheny is right, your words are well presented and have a lovely flow. Enjoy your Sunday.


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