Friday, August 28, 2015

Loss for Lifetime

Tanu got dressed up in her favorite frock for her birthday .

With pink flawless  skin, bright eyes, curly hair -she looked like a barbie

At the restaurant, everyone walked by admiring the smile of this cute doll who sat in front of her dad for the American breakfast

Papa-I love you;I miss Mommy, wish she was with us.

Tanu saw her dad's face plain and  blank.

She inched her fingers to  help him adjust his hearing aid, a loss that he had to pay for the rest of his life for working amidst the cacophony of the machinery. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Second Chance

The image in the mirror was unknown and hated
She yelled at every ounce of her, today more than any
How did it get so far?- maze of questions, confront her
It all began when she chose the last door- to earn a pie and penny

Her body assets were her only investment 
She flaunted them in style, lust, pain and   grace
Seducing body curves and lustrous bold lips
Over time, name and fame all began to seize

From an orthodox family to an another world
That had only filth and dirt to get drenched
Dancing around a pole was only a facade, behind the scene the struggles dwell
Like a candle she diminished soon, to the last hope she clenched

Her body had become a machine for sex
Vending to all those thirsty man, she became a slave
Smoking and drinking she did like routine
Writing her own fate, like this - she landed in the abode of grave

Do I continue this life or  make an escape from earth- she checked
To her craziness and ignorance, she succumbed in a way that was blind
Today she wants to blow off her regrets in the smoke
She granted herself another chance, paying heed to her heart and mind.

P.S: Moving my pen after a real long time is a joy beyond words and expression. Oh! How much I missed writing:(