Thursday, January 24, 2019

Food tweaks for healthier me

Food tweaks for healthier me 

Like an super fast express train, 365 days  slips by and it’s that time of the year again where I am ready with my list of resolutions. As far as I can remember, losing weight and getting fit has always been my number one resolution. Every new year, I edit the previous year resolution adjusting the number. Like lose 15 kg this year, while the target for last year was 10. Low self esteem, increased negativity, self loathing, overindulgence in food come hand-in-hand.
This 2019, I mindfully devised few knacks to shed my extra pounds.Instead  of depriving myself of all the good food in the name of crash diet, I kind of tweaked my eating habits .

Here is my tweak list..

Situation 1:I am invited -party time

Every time there is a party in the family or friends, I get nervous about me overeating. I  generally ditch the party and crib till eternity for missing out on fun or overload myself with all the yummylicious food and go on a guilt trip .

Tweak 1: Consciously, I make my plate with  starters, main course and of course  desserts in the first go. By doing this, I know what and how many calories goes into my body. Dang!!no second serving. 

Situation 2: Junk for snacks.

Tea breaks at office is when colleagues bring a lot of snacks-mostly fried, sugary, oily on the tea table.

Tweak 2: I bring myself a healthy snack like a fruit bowl or a vegetable juice.When tempted, I imagine how I feel after gobbling up that junk.I think about all those extra pounds settling on my hip making me not for in favorite office shirt. On a lighter note, I get involved in conversation diverting my attention from junk food.

Situation 3 : Heavy meals=Overeating

Tweak 3: Instead of stuffing 3 big meals, I split my meals into 6 portions. This  method really works for me, because I feel full and active through out the day. By the end of the day, I try to consume adequate  fiber,  protein, veggies and fruits. Target early dinner mostly no  food after 8 PM.

Situation  4: Crave caffeine.

I am big time coffee addict.

Tweak 4: A cup of coffee in the morning is what I limit to .Sip green tea or hot water through out the day. This not only makes me full but also helps in digestion.

Other tweaks...
  1. Believe and be  positive - Always.
  2. Stay active - Move and take a walk when ever possible. Stretching at the desk helps me.
  3. Sleep - Quality over quantity of sleep. 
  4. Consistency -  Design a simple, realistic and acheivable plan.Stick to it.
  5. Reward and repeat - a week long diet and exercise? - I reward myself with a cup cake or a piece of tandoori- guilt free this time:)

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy 'You'.
-Joyce Meyer

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Dr. Feelgood – How are you planning to tweak your Food Habits for 2019 .

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