Friday, January 29, 2016

The Ghost, Within

photo by Francesca Woodman
I can feel your presence inside every cell
you have overpowered me, in the form of fear,
Making me skeptical of every dam thing I do
Self doubt, you drown me in- left no chance to cheer.

You haunted me every  single second- be it day or night
I lost even before I tried something- blame on you,
My castles of dreams in air, reduced to nothing
you came before me, stopping my wishes becoming true.

Life became a nightmare to live or die
I am convinced that I am the cause for all my trauma,
I mustered courage to fight you with all my might
Blowing you off from within, thus ending this dual face drama.

I no longer feel your presence within or near me
I see a proud and gratified image of myself in the mirror
I am the writer of the story- of your creation and destruction
Liberated from self speculations - life seems happy, confident and clear.

Written for Magpietales-Mag  303