Tuesday, September 29, 2015

99 things that make me happy #HappinessList

Here I go straight into sharing my list of happiness. No introduction necessary. I am all excited and happy to put in on the blog finally. This helps me know what I need out of my life and to be grateful for things that I am already blessed with.

  1. My Parents - Best blessing in my life. For every tiny thing they have done to me; I love and respect them immensely.
  2. Myself- Quiet naturally, I love being myself in what ever I do.I carry my real face and no drama there.
  3. My husband - His love and support beyond word and expression. I am super lucky to have a friend like him for a life time.
  4. My friends - Inseparable from my life. For the word friendship, they do complete justice here
  5. My dog snoopy - my cute little darling and my baby doll. She is compassionate and so loving. I miss being with her.Sigh!
  6. Blogging - an outlet to my passion for writing. I made wonderful friends here and they mean a lot to me. Networking and reading their blogs is so much of a learning 
  7. Travel- go places -A travel bug has bit me hard last year. I must say I am spending more time and money on wheels.Thanks to my husband, a travel freak.Cover the earth before it covers you- and I think I have taken this to heart very seriously.
  8. nail art - a recent talent, love this absolutely.
  9. Productive days - I yell and crave for them. It makes me feel good and happy.
  10. Check marks on the To do list- I wish that all of them are striked off end of the day. The ideal case is never 
  11. Swim in ocean- I wait for those days where I can drive into the endless sea and try my swim strokes
  12. Financial Independence
  13. Try new recipes - an endless desire to discover and manipulate recipes in my style. Health and taste blend together.
  14. Know home remedies- this is a mummy's trait passed on to me. I am voracious learner of home remedies for any ailment. I advise people a lot on this.*sounding like a old lady here *wink*
  15. Ginger tea - a mood upper and energizer to me. Best time is tea time to me and Mr K.
  16. Shopping  - therapy to my frustration at times. Which woman doesn't like shopping tell me?
  17. Food and nature Photography - I can walk places, climb cliffs, slide on snow, glide in air or do  anything to click nature. My recent and favorite addiction I call it.
  18. Soak in Sunset time - The WOW moment of feast to eyes, watching the magic of sunset and hues in the sky. Nostalgic!
  19. Day dreaming - A background process ever running besides anything I do.
  20. Reading self improvement articles - I love to learn and get better each hour.
  21. Books - not so lengthy ones - Short and crisp stories are my favorite. No patience with the lengthy notes.
  22. Live for bags and sandals - I have a huge collection of these, still cant stop buying many more
  23. Stuffed toys collection - I can never act grown up in this case. I want more and more of them.Another reason why little kids in my family stick to me .
  24. Dance like no tomorrow- any form- I can see why I was sent to a dance school before I got enrolled into my kindergarten
  25. Endless talk with my man beach side- pouring my heart out beach side. Oh all that is nice and not nice, doesn't matter.
  26. Romantic moments - Ahem! I crave for them .
  27. Recalling childhood stories told by my dad - walking the memory lane makes me strong and aware of my roots.Lessons for life
  28. Fighting with my brother and compromising -tirelessly exhaustive.
  29. Poetry - a piece of my heart, especially with rhymes
  30. Listening to my body - paying attention to bio-signals
  31. Humming my favorite songs  - old ones, especially
  32. Long walks 
  33. Nature trails - amazing experience
  34. Camping
  35. Rafting
  36. Snuggle in my comfy chair - crawling like a cat 
  37. French vanilla coffee - love the caffeine kick!
  38. Natural ice cream- they are the best and I have tried them all.
  39. Cycling- oh some workout too!
  40. Organized home -clean and things in place
  41. Painting- random paint strokes, landscapes precisely.
  42. Craft- to decorate my place
  43. Gardening - makes me self reliant for flowers 
  44. Meditation - silence and looking within.
  45. State parks - each one of them is a picturesque from heaven
  46. Barbequeue -chicken and fish marinated in Indian masalas. Drool*
  47. Road trips- Million memories . I will share more stories in a different post. I promise.
  48. Making mental dream list( lazy to put it on the paper )
  49. Observing people - Somehow love to to that. Amazed at how different and unique each one of us are.
  50. Being positive - my strength
  51. Organized closet - low tolerance to disorderliness
  52. Lavender fragrance- in anything is loved
  53. Red wine- in a fancy glass with my man
  54. Unlimited hugs in my man's arms
  55. Head massage freak - can get it daily and never get bored of it
  56. Collecting antic jewellery
  57. Small debates on women issues- bi
  58. Learning new languages- cannot get over this craze. I want to learn the alien language too:P
  59. Urge to learn or know something new - my daily mantra
  60. Star gazing - in silence
  61. Browsing old memories in albums - I often do this
  62. Praying God - for all that he is blessed me with. A big thank you to him.
  63. Hiking- based on mood. I am a lazy bum.
  64. Bollywood moves- I can mimic any step and any move.
  65. Studying various cultures- Finding the differences and variety.
  66. Motivating quotes- I read them daily
  67. A new word each day
  68. Healthy diet - is a must. Need more discipline towards this
  69. Some workout- I try to be active most of the time
  70. TED talks
  71. Cook-talk with mom - sharing my secret recipes-proud moments.
  72. Face book buff- it is not bad after all
  73. iPhone love - cant miss it
  74. Making new mistakes -after correcting the old ones
  75. mythological stories -n listen t
  76. Warm blanket
  77. Gokarna trip - I can spend all my life there
  78. Ballet shows - soothing
  79. Boat house- night times
  80. Temples
  81. Saree - On special occasion
  82.  family functions
  83. Talking to myself- Me-time
  84. Gossip with  mom
  85. Rain dance
  86. Gathering interesting facts 
  87. Comfortable clothing
  88. Array of flip flops
  89. Tennis 
  90. Casino - occasionally 
  91. Restaurant hoping with Mr K
  92. sleep- regardless or day/night- love it
  93. Horror Movies
  94. Fishing
  95. Smiling- always
  96. Cheese Pizzas
  97. Hyderabad dum biryani-mutton
  98. Jelly candies
  99. living life  to the fullest 
P.S:Trust me it is a little exhaustive to make a huge list but the  effort  is worth it.  Magically, you end up being happy making the happiness list.

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Reflections From Me

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is a new quality I have developed in course of time. I must admit that I yell and crib a lot about even the slightest  mishappenings that take place in my life. 
It is a changed game now.May be maturity comes with experience than with the age.Not sure.May be some time out was necessary to look into my life and myself very closely. It has given me a lot of time to discover and rediscover myself on a daily basis inI at of things that  fact. I am amazed to see that life is not bad after all. I mean, in what ever state I am and which ever battle I am fighting- Life is still beautiful.It is meant to be that.I still am blessed with a lot of things to be grateful about.

If you haven’t all the things you want, be grateful for the things you don’t have that you wouldn’t want. Unknown

Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.” ― Maya Angelou 
Here is my Gratitude list

  1. Thanks to the frustration, bad luck and unemployment. At the end I am happy to see it make me better and stronger each day.
  2. Thanks to the fuzzy and unpredictable hormonal hangama - I am able to understand and listen to my body and get things in place.
  3. Thanks to my husband for taking me places- Travel has kept me alive. Simple and crisp as that.
  4. I am grateful to the people who rejected me - They let me do it myself. 
  5. I am thankful to my family who is on my side -what ever may come.
  6. Thanks to Internet to keep me updated and occupied- special mention to Unlimited calling to India:)
  7. I am grateful to God- he has been a little rude of late but getting softer, gradually.
  8. Million thanks to my man who has been so understanding and supportive in every thing I aspire to do.Inseparable part of my life.
  9. Thanks to the public library close by to give me free books to read- Upto 20 books for 60 days-Isn't that a great news?
  10. Thanks to my new hobbies for unleashing my potential as an artist and many more.
  11. How can I forget  my haters? thanks to them for giving me chance to prove them wrong.Mostly, every time.
  12. Thanks to my blogger friends to inspire me through their posts daily.
  13. Oh wait- My iPhone- thanks for making my life easy. Especially for clicking pictures, online apps,reading blogs and what not.
  14. The park close by is a piece from heaven. I can never get tired spending time and playing tennis with my husband here. Thanks to the state parks near us.
  15. Heart felt gratitude to God for every meal I eat, every comfort I enjoy, for every person I meet, every phase I confront and best for last -for being alive and healthy.
                                         **                     **                       

Monday, September 21, 2015

Smile. Breathe.Go Slow

                                  SMILE. BREATHE. GO SLOW

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I must admit that I cannot miss reading posts from my favourite bloggers every morning though I have not been able to share my views in their space. (I prefer it to newspaper since they guarantee smile and would not disturb me for the rest of the day). But, I have not been able to write a line for a long time. Busy fighting battles which now feels like they are falling in place. I mean the right place. Thanks to all the worries for getting softer on me.

Does the post title sound like I have been practising this mantra and I am here to share my gyaan? Then, you are wrong.

This is one line that I read very recently and it stuck so hard and never want to leave me. For good :)

I am basically a busy bee. I like to be one. Productive all day and learning something new every single day (ideal case - but always deviates from the standard. Isn't it?-;). Each day I have a common expectation. I want to feel proud good at the end of the day when I look at myself in the mirror. A sense of satisfaction. You are in a strange land on earth in the name of onsite due to your husband’s job. Thousands of miles away from where you belong. You sit and watch the seasons change but the problems being stubborn to move an inch? Fighting the visa and work permit problems left, right and centre. Ah! Wait- 360 degrees precisely.. Huh! Crazy and bumpiest ride I am on. It is taking good turns lately, though.

Oh, am I sounding frustrated and pissed off in life here? Honest to God, I am that hundred times greater than you could think. But that is not what I want to share with you today. I will highlight the positive shade here.

Something that has kept my company of late is my mistakes. I have learnt few lessons through some; some were volatile and forgotten and am sailing through most of them. Every person I met, every incident that has occurred and every time I have lost my senses in depression there is something new that sprang in my mind. I am very glad; hmm ok proud to see myself growing strong each day. I stumble at times for obvious reasons lose hope, drown in self-doubt, but- I fall in track once I bounce up. At least, after I give it some time. 

Here are few things that has made me feel better:

1) This too shall pass: 

(Thanks to Vidya  for her recent post. She is such an inspiration and a smile bomb)

I told this to myself every day. Argh! I have wasted months in disappointment and worries to get here! :( . If there is something permanent on earth that I can remember is- NOTHING. So was my problem. So, hold on there and wait for it to pass. The wait is not easy but definitely worth it. Once the good times are your balcony, you will get busy to remember the worries you once dwelled in. That's the magic of time. So, you know what to do- give it some time.

2) Be Nice to yourself:

I have to confess right now that I am very harsh on myself (Ok, I sit in front of the mirror). To the contrast, I can even forgive my enemy knowing the fact that every person has his/her shade of goodness. But to me, I am one obsessively compulsive perfectionist. This is definitely not right. It's ok that one makes mistakes. It's ok to put on some weight. It's ok to go wrong. It's ok to not know things. It's ok to plan an elaborate cooking to see it end up all charred and burnt. It's ok to be sick. It's ok to get tanned..It's ok to get insulted or embarrassed. I mean, why we are so serious and strict masters to ourselves?
 Give oneself some liberty. Go smooth on yourself. Life is not run in ICU's to be serious. It is supposed to it nice and pleasant. 

Wear a smile. Daily. This simple therapy works miracles. 
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3) Health first- listen to your body

With all the gush and rush of worries one would not know the havoc that is caused to the body. I mean the hangama caused by harmones.So beware!. The gradual  change in the body in worrisome scenarios are mostly neglected. In fact, there will be bio-signals sent by the body as alerts. These are something that cannot be ignored. Once left unattended, they get piled up and awaits the worse to occur. Health must not be neglected at any cost. This includes eating healthy food, taking medicines on time, stayed hydrated, exercising daily   often. It might occur to us that while dealing with a hefty problem in front of us, minor things like eating on time or stretching your body can be compromised. It can be, if you are ready to pay a huge penalty for it.

Meanwhile, there are a class of people who are hypochondriac (fear of having all the diseases on earth- roughly). Over thinking, over analyzing, false assumptions, unnecessary fear that you will be diseased, negative thoughts are some of the possessively owned assets to such class. It will affect both physical and mental health.

In both the extremes, we are bound to listen to our body -stay positive and healthy.

4) Know your limits of control

In one of the TED talks I heard a gentleman say this line : " Ask yourself, what is in your hands?" It stuck to me like an arrow till today and forever.
What ever can be controlled, can be controlled. Something that is not in our control, why bang our heads towards them? Isn't it sheer waste of time and energy? Ask me how many times I have done this. Trying to act like a superwoman who can control every aspect of my life troubling me .With time, I only was able to draw a thick line between the two categories. The Controllable and the Uncontrollable. Last but not least to say, if something you know is under your control, then what are you waiting for? Pull up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and take charge. Put your heart, soul and mind into it. Nobody can stop you from success

5) Talk to yourself

Mixed signals of commotion, diminishing clarity for what is needed and what efforts are required, whirlpool of confusion spinning you in all angles.. oh the list never ends.
These are common problems not just me but everyone will be facing. Follow any method- you lock up yourself and talk to the mirror or the walls, write a letter to yourself, go in mental vicious circles; do whatever. But spare some time for self talk. It will dust out the unnecessary and filters what is required. Like some mining- actually. It just doesn’t help but also  heals. We might be doing the talking with friends, family, spouse or anybody who matter to us. It does aid to deal with a circumstance but having clarity from within changes the entire game .For good. 

Be there for yourself, for no one knows you better than you.

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6) KISS  - Keep it Simple and smart

Life is complex to those who give it a personal invitation to complexity- direct door delivery. For those who know how to live, they keep it simple. It is not an unexplained complex phenomenon in which the owner cannot predict or de-cipher the structured algorithms with infinite loops. Life is beautiful. Life is fun. Life is about sharing. Life is about a bonding, about a passion. A cute drama. Life is anything that you want it to be. A blank sheet in front of you. The best parker pen is given to you. You write or scribble whatever you want. Call it the fate. Upto you. Nothing unwritten will appear without your consent. So there you go- make it or mar it. Keep it simple, easy and smart. 

Glide on the tides of time.
I am sleepy to think of a rhyme.

Choice is yours - Live or exist
Until I decide, swirls of thoughts persist

One lovely life - admire it every day
kick the unpleasant past and let the present stay

Self love and self-care are a must
the regrets and worry are gone with the dust

Share to care and wear a smile
the little things takes you an extra mile

Things are like that- cranky and fuzzy
don’t let the hope wither- it will make your way easy

So you tell me how you tackle things when you are low?
I repeat my mantra- Smile, breathe and go slow :):)

P.S: I heard you say that, and I go by that. It is impromptu poetry for the day. Fun and message intended though! :):)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Haunted House

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart
 I burn in fierce flames of fury and revenge every second.

I remember the tragic scene intact.

It re-occurs and pricks me every night. 

Pain....Revenge ....Beyond that!

 It was where I spent my early days of childhood. 

My parents labored hard to gather every single brick. 

I come straight from jail.

I hear the screeching sound of the gate as I open-after two decades.

 Noxious plants are grown in the place where a lovely family lived.

 I have   slayed every person who took my parents away.

Dotted memories take over me in  haphazard spins.

  The house is no  more haunted.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Its him and her- A Love Story

Source:Google Images

She painted her lips in red - bold and lustrous

Repeated glance in the mirror to check how she looked - trying perfection

bouncy curls at the soft ends of her hair - to brush it once again

the cross sparkled under the rim of her neck - a symbol of love and marriage

Right heal to wear to match her satin dress - shimmering in glamour

adjusted the window curtains and the photo on the wall - before she left

She waited at the station with a bouquet of roses - all excited

Sheer happiness - beyond words and expression

As she saw her love of her life arrive -after years long

Their keen eyes met - glowing and  yearning for love

The air around filled with music, love and kiss- not  an  inch less than a filmy scene

much needed warmth and cuddle  in each other's arms - as they hugged

Years had rolled but love  remained- exactly the same and stronger..

PS: Using all the 10 words of the wordle to weave a scene around them.
Cross, Window, Kiss, Life, Photo, Red, Glance, Brush, Right and Heal.

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