Monday, March 20, 2017

A-Z Challenge 2017 Theme Reveal

I have been sitting in front of the laptop , keying letters and hitting backspace button more often than usual.Writing seems like an alien to me. The loveliest road I once travelled and have  forgotten the directions to take.Last post I actually wrote was for the 2016 A-Z challenge.Ghosh! it's once year already and I am here getting ready for my next challenge.How Time flies!

Though I was was very well aware that I had not written a word for an year now, I constantly followed my favorite blogs.Not a single post I missed in their space.I was still a part of the blogging world. Not writing but reading and connecting with fellow bloggers.I gave my complete time, attention and myself to my baby and I am thoroughly enjoying this phase. When a strong urge keep pulling me to write and I was breaking gas promises to myself, I thought of  than A-Z challenge 2017 to refuel my passion.I thought hard about my theme. Last year,I had written posts  on Human emotions and my happiness after I kept up with  a month of writing was priceless. The  virtual connections, stories from other world, interesting themes, knowledge nuggets across blogverse was unmatchable. It was so much activity, food for thought, and a happening month for me.This year as I journey the new mommyhood, I thought it will be relevant and easy for me to talk about my new phase of life as we two became three.

I have roughly laid out the post in my head and the ideas are still in air.I will be talking about work-life-balance after baby, growing along with baby, womanhood, touching topics on feminism... actually trying to cover various pieces of the puzzle. I know it is a difficult commitment to keep up with a hectic job, baby and the managing the house.But, I am being very positive to take this up and survive it through.

                             ** Drums Roll**

                                     So Join me as I ' Journey with Esha'.